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Eastern Shore Family Data Files Ancestors (Ahnentafel Files)


  1. AHNENTAFEL of Evyonne R. Andrews Prepared by Evyonne Andrews Eddins

  2. Ahnentafel for Annie Drue ANDREWS (ancestor of ghote Linda Harris) Part I Prepared by Linda Harris

  3. Ahnentafel for Annie Drue ANDREWS Part II (ancestor of ghote Linda Harris) Prepared by Linda Harris
  4. Ahnentafel for CLEMENTINE ESTHER ANSTINE Prepared by Linda  Abel
  5. Ahnentafel for Peter Franklin ATKINS (1861-1948, ancestor of ghote Carole Sherr)Prepared by ghote Carole Sherr, formatted by olde ghote ARay Griffin
  6. Ahnentafel of Iva Frances BREDELL Prepared by Carol Whitehead, Ghote
  7. Ahnentafel of Linda BURAS Prepared by Linda Buras, Olde Ghote
  8. Ahnentafel for William S. BURTON, M.D. Prepared by William S. Burton, M.D., Olde Ghote
  9. Ahnentafel for Arthur Richardson "Rich" CULLEN Prepared by Rich Cullen
  10. Ahnentafel for Margo DOUGHTY Prepared by Tony Ashdon, Ghote
  11. Ahnentafel for Millard James DRISCOLL Part I Prepared by Bill Driscoll, Ghote
  12. Ahnentafel for Millard James DRISCOLL Part II Prepared by Bill Driscoll, Ghote
  13. Ahnentafel for Thelma Kathryn EVANS Prepared by Linda Abel
  14. Ahnentafel for Elisha Henry GARRIS, (1901-1985, ancestor of Ghote Linda Harris) Prepared by Ghote Linda Harris
  15. Ahnentafel for Obediah George GOFFIGON Prepared by Barbara Cox, GhotesMomma
  16. Ahnentafel for Robert Edward GOOTEE Prepared by Robert Edward Gootee, not so old Ghote
  17. Ahnentafel for A. Ray GRIFFIN, Jr. Prepared by A. Ray Griffin, Jr., Olde Ghote
  18. Ahnentafel Chart for Patience HILL Prepared by Moody Miles
  19. Ahnentafel for Eva Virginia JUSTIS Prepared by Jack Burn, Ghote and Webmaster * Updated May 2008
  20. Ahnentafel of Linda Diane LEWIS Prepared by Linda Diane Lewis, Ghote
  21. Ahnentafel for Rebecca Lynn MILES Prepared by Moody Miles
  22. Ahnentafel for Harriet Ellen PENNEWELL Prepared by James Casper, Ghote
  23. Ahnentafel for Emory Sara Lee MAPP Prepared By Patricia Ann Scherzinger Grandaughter
  24. Ahnentafel for Victor MAPP POWELLPrepared By Patricia Ann Scherzinger Grandaughter
  25. Ahnentafel of Edward Norman SAVAGE Prepared by Ted Savage, Ghote
  26. Ahnentafel of Donna Carroll SMITH Prepared by Donna Baker -
  27. Ahnentafel of Judith Ann STOELTING
  28. Ahnentafel for Roberta May STURGIS Prepared by Barbara Cox, GhotesMomma
  29. Ancestors of Thomas TULL, Sr.  Prepared by Rob Hall
  30. Ahnentafel for Denis WOOD formatted by Ray Griffin, Olde Ghote
  31. Ancestors of Alwyn Henry WOOTTEN Prepared by Al Wootten
  32. Ahnentafel for Anne Trower WYATT Prepared by W. Banks Peterson, Jr., Ghote
  33. Ahnentafel of Anne YOUNGBLOOD Zink Prepared by Anne Zink, Ghote

"Ahnentafel" is a German word meaning ancestor table. This type of report is a pedigree chart in text rather than in graphic form. An ahnentafel number is unique number assigned to each position in a pedigree. The number does not vary from chart to chart. Your grandfather is always number 2; your grandmother is always number 3; etc. The numbering "doubles" with each generation. Males are always assigned the even number and females the odd.

First Generation
1 You
Second Generation
2 Your father
3 Your mother
Third Generation
4 Your father's father
5 Your father's mother
6 Your mother's father
7 Your mother's mother
Fourth Generation
8 Your father's father's father
9 Your father's father's mother
10Your father's mother's father
11Your father's mother's mother
12Your mother's father's father
13Your mother's father's mother
14Your mother's mother's father
15Your mother's mother's mother
etc. Notice that the numbers double with each generation.