Quilt Photo - Tammy presenting our Quilt to Barbara
Great Egret in flight on Assateague Island
Great Egret in the marshes on Assateague Island
One of the Accomack County Courthouse buildings
Another of the Accomack County Courthouse buildings
Bob Mears and Dr. Bill at the Eastern Shore Public Library
Tea time at Dr. Bill's
Ghotes Betsey, Barbara, and Ellen with Frances Bibbins Latimer and Emilee Mason, following Ms. Mason's reading to local school children.
Betsey, Bill, Barbara and another Ghote on driving tour.
Orangerie - A peek through the window at the Orangerie shows the two fireplaces that were used to help keep the frost off the citrus fruit.
Photo 1 - Ghotes Grazing @ ESCC (Lunch)
Photo 2 - Ghotes Grazing @ ESCC (Lunch)
Photo 3 - Jerry Cox (Left) Lunch @ ESCC
Photo 4 - "Warwick" on seaside at Quimby on Upshur's Bay
Photo 5
Photo 6 - "Windingdale"
Photo 7 - "Windingdale"
Photo 8 - Herd at "Windingdale"
Photo 9 - "Windingdale"
Photo 10 - Yard at "Windingdale"
Photo 11 - Occahannock Creek in front of "Windingdale"
Photo 12 - "Windingdale" Dr.Bill and Mary Ann lived here 2 years.
Photo 13 - "Mt.Pleasant" home of Lucius J.Kellam Jr.
Photo 14 - Kerr Place
Photo 15 - Reception at Kerr Place
Photo 16 - Moody and Barry Miles at the Kerr Place
Photo 17 - Carole Sherr & Tammy Belote Elvenia at Kerr Place dipping the punch!
Photo 18 - Bob Gootee, Betsey Norgard, & Mary Ann Burton at the Kerr Place
Photo 19 - John Verrill - Director of Kerr Place
Photo 20 - Reception at Kerr Place
Photo 21 - Gail & Frank Walczyk, Dr. Bill Burton, Edwin Leatherbury and Doris Adler at the Reception-Kerr Place.
Photo 22 - John Verrill
Photo 23 - Barbara Cox speaking at the Reception at Kerr Place
Photo 24 - Kirk Mariner making the Keynote talk at the Kerr Place.
Photo 25 - A few of the Ghotes having dinner Wed. night
Photo 26 - Chris from ES Historical Society, Jean Mihalyka, Will Brown, and Barbara Cox.
Photo 27 - Jean Mihalyka at the Eastern Shore Historical Society Booth at Captains Deck
Photo 28 - Gail Walczyk making presentation in the Ghotes room, Capt's Deck
Photo 29 - Gail Walczyk making presentation in the Ghotes room, Capt's Deck
Photo 30 - Ghotes during early morning presentation. Bill and Judy Driscoll in foreground.
Photo 31 - Ghotes take a break. Some scour for lost relatives in Duke Doughty's more-than-70 notebooks of family group pages. The Holstons and Carole Sherr in foreground.
Photo 32 - Barton Bull & Tammy Belote Elvenia - Dean Hickman in background.
Photo 33 - Ellen McGrath talking with Al Wootten.
Photo 34 - Francis Bibbins Latimer in the Ghotes room answering questions
Photo 36 - Ghotes mill about during a break. Dr. Bill in foreground.
Photo 37
Photo 38
Photo 39 - Doris Adler talks about diaries and letters.
Photo 40 - Doris Adler talks about diaries and letters.
Photo 41 - Doris Adler listens as ghotes ask thoughtful questions.
Photo 42 - Doris Adler speaking in the Ghotes Room
Photo 43 - Great photo of WELCOME GHOTES marquis.
Photo 44 - Captain's Deck Restaurant
Photo 45
Photo 46 - Ed Leatherbury (in corner), Judy Driscoll, Tammy Belote Elvenia (back of her), Linda Abek, and Chad Davis
Photo 47
Photo 48
Photo 49 - Frances Bibbins Latimer answered lots of ghotes questions.
Photo 50 - Frances tells us of her family.
Photo 51
Photo 52
Photo 53 - Jack Burn's Display of Justice (Justis?) family data and photos.
Photo 54 - Capt's Deck Restanrant
Photo 55 - Anchor Motel Sign "Welcome GHOTES"
Photo 56 - Anchor Motel & Capt's Deck Restanrant
Photo 57 - Ghotes eating again.
Photo 58
Photo 59 - Between presentations, ghotes talked a lot.
Photo 60 - Page Nottingham Goffigon Jr. and Jerry Cox take a moment away from the ghotes' computer.
Photo 61 - Chris Herrick brought the Historical Society's bookshop for ghotes to browse.
Photo 62 - John West Addison III, Dr. Bill, Dan Trimble
Photo 63 - Barbara introduced our speakers. Only MK "complained." He says she used better adjectives for the other presenters than she did for him.
Photo 64 - Authors ready to autograph their works are seated at long table against wall. In foreground: Will Brown, Barbara Doughty, Duke Doughty.
Photo 65 - Barbara, again.
Photo 66
Photo 67 - The renowned and illustrious Miles Cousin, Moody, introduces himself and his recent book.
Photo 68 - A few words from Matthew Wise about "The Littleton Heritage."
Photo 69 - Jean Mihalyka says good morning.
Photo 70 - Frances Latimer shows us one of Hickory's manuscripts, now in the pipeline.
Photo 71 - Frank Walczyk takes credit for getting Gail Walczyk started in genealogical research.
Photo 72 - Gail Walczyk gives Frank credit, tells about his edition of Somerset Judicials, and reports on her "Deaths."
Photo 73 - Ghotes have authors autograph their works at the Breakfast and Booksigning.
Photo 74 - John West Addison Jr. talking with Frances Latimer (seated) while Jean Mihalyka and John West Addison III look on.
Photo 75
Photo 76 - Bill Driscoll (seated) sharing photos. Ghotes shared a LOT.
Photo 77
Photo 78 - Moody Miles presenting Accomack Marriage Records information at ghotes session at ESCC.
Photo 79
Photo 80
Photo 81 - Moody Miles presenting the features of the new software, Ultimate Family Tree, ghotes room.
Photo 82 - Betsey takes a moment from the computer to visit with interested ghote.
Photo 83
Photo 84 - Jean Mihalyka tells ghotes about little-known records kept at the courthouse.
Photo 85 - Ghote David Scott has a question for Jean.
Photo 86 - Barbara Cox (left) and Mary Jane Burn looking at books in the Ghote Room
Photo 87 - Ghotes listen to "Deaness" of ESVA Genealogy, Jean Mihalyka
Photo 88 - Mary Jane and Jack Burn
Photo 89 - Tammy Belote Elvenia + Betsey Norgard
Photo 90 - Don and Mary Jane Bellessa
Photo 91 - Jean Mihalyka
Photo 92 - Tom and Irene
Photo 93 - Barbara
Photo 94 - Bob Gootee + Frank Walczyk
Photo 95 - Bob Mears
Photo 96 - Ray & Linda Abel + Henry Martin
Photo 97 -Barton Bull and Wife
Photo 98 - Dr. Bill and Mary Ann
Photo 99 - David Scott waiting for his beeper to go off again, while relaxing at Dr. Bill's.
Photo 100 - Enjoying 5:00 "Tea Time" at Dr. Bill's: Barbara Cox, Jack Burn, David Scott, Mary Jane Burn, and Mary Ann Burton, our hostess.
Convention Brochure side 1
Convention Brochure side 2
Newpaper article from the Virginian-Pilot 9/26/97

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