Ahnentafel Chart

Harriet Ellen PENNEWELL

Posted by James Casper

Beginning with my great-great grandmother, my GHOTES connection:

                                            James Casper

1. Harriet Ellen PENNEWELL b. Mar. 31, 1850 in Berlin, Worcester Co.,
MD, m. Oct. 15, 1872 in Berlin, MD; Adam James CASPER, b. Kings Co., 
NY, d. Aug. 5, 1918 in Berlin, MD.


2. William Johnson PENNEWELL b. Oct. 4, 1804 in Worcester Co., MD, m.
Jan. 2, 1838 in Worcester Co., MD, d. Nov. 23, 1874 in Worcester Co.,

3. Mary Bowen TAYLOR b. Feb. 27, 1813 in Worcester CO., MD, d. June 5,
1883 in Worcester Co., MD.


4. William Johnson PENNEWELL b. c. 1770, m. ?, d. bef. 1850 in
Worcester Co., MD

5. Sarah POWELL b. c. 1780, d. c.1860 in Worcester Co., MD.

6. William Hazzard TAYLOR d. 1813 in Worcester Co., MD.

7. Sarah JOHNSON b. c. 1780 in Northampton Co., VA, d. c. 1860 in
Worcester Co., MD.

great grandparents

12. John TAYLOR b. in Worcester Co., MD d. 1798 in Worcester Co., MD.

13. unknown

14. Laban JOHNSON b. Sept. 9, 1744 in Northampton Co., VA, m. Feb. 14,
1775 in Northampton Co., VA, d. July 20, 1805 in Worcester Co., MD.

15. Anne HARMANSON b. c. 17?? in Northampton Co., VA, m.1st William
GASCOIGNE(d.c. 1772) Jan. 17, 1769 in Northampton Co., VA., d. c. 1780
in Northampton Co., VA.

great-great grandparents

28. unknown, possibly Joshua JOHNSON s/o Richard Johnson of Northampton
Co., VA.

29. speculation: Rachel BUNTING d/o Holloway Bunting and Tamar MARSHALL
of Northampton Co., VA.

30. Matthew HARMANSON b. c. 1692 in Northampton Co., VA, m. Apr. 9,
1740 in Northampton Co., VA, d. c. 1755 in Northampton Co., VA.

31. speculation: Rachel ROBERTS.

3rd great grandparents

60. Henry HARMANSON b. c. 1671 in Northampton, Co., VA, m. c. 1691, d.
1709 in Northampton Co., VA.

61. Elizabeth PATRICK b. c. 1676 in Northampton Co., VA, d. c. 1704 in
Northampton Co., VA.

4th great grandparents

120. Thomas HARMANSON b. 1625 in Brandenburg, Prussia, m. c. 1658 in 
VA, d. 1702 in Northampton Co., VA.

121. Jane ANDREWS b. c. 1643, d. c, 1688.

122. Matthew PATRICK m. c. 1672. d. c. 1689 in Northampton Co., VA.

123. Judith m. 1st Adolph JOHNSON (d.Dec. 1665) c. 1664 in Northampton,
Co., VA.

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