Photo Album of Parksley

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ParksleyAdelaideSt.jpg (51804 bytes)
Adelaide Street
parksleycertif.jpg (33085 bytes)
Certificate of stock in the Parksley Base Ball Association, Inc.
parksleymonument.jpg (90960 bytes)
Confederate Monument

Confederate Monument

dunneavenueparksley.jpg (37044 bytes)
Dunne Avenue
dunneavenueparksley1912.jpg (55615 bytes)
Dunne Avenue, 1912

  E.S. League Baseball Park

High School

High School
parksleymarystreet.jpg (41385 bytes)
Mary Street
MaryStParksley.jpg (27466 bytes)
Mary Street
parksleymarystreet2.jpg (52373 bytes)
Mary Street
masonsmillparksley1923.jpg (53433 bytes)
Mason's Mill, 1923

Mason's Mill, erected 1625

Mason's Mill, erected 1625
parksleychurch.jpg (47371 bytes)
Methodist Protestant Church
parksleybaptistcemeteryold.jpg (30183 bytes)
Old Parksley Baptist Cemetery
parksleyabout1950.jpg (48515 bytes)
Parksley about 1950
parksleyhotel.jpg (67271 bytes)
Parksley Hotel, Dunne Avenue
parksleyhoteldunneavenueparksley1912.jpg (67698 bytes)
Parksley Hotel, Dunne Avenue, 1912
planofparksley.jpg (49711 bytes)
Plan of Parksley
BloxomPotatoField.jpg (47166 bytes)
Potato Field
parksleyschool.jpg (43844 bytes)
Public School
parkksleyschooolhouse1915.jpg (36679 bytes)
Public School, 1915
parksleyRRdepot.jpg (69110 bytes)
Railroad Depot
parksleyshippingpotatoes.jpg (85281 bytes)
Shipping Potatoes
parksleyshippingpotatoesdetail.jpg (64165 bytes)
Shipping Potatoes (detail)

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