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Griffith, Jerom

Surnames in this ahnentafel: Andrews, Belote, Costin, Dixon, Douglas, Duparkes, Fathery, Gelding, Griffith, Powell, Stringer, Sturgis, Tankard, Trower, Willett, Willis

1. Obediah George Goffigon b. 15-Jul-1847, Northampton Co., VA, m. (1) 23-Feb-1881, inNorthampton Co. VA, Bettie F. Robins (Bettie buried in Red Bank); m. (2) 8-Feb-1897 Roberta May Sturgis. Obediah died -Jan-1909 and is buried in Red Bank next to his first wife Bettie Robins, and his son, Little Thomas, who died at age 5 days, shortly after his mother. Obediah's oldest son, Willard, is buried next to Little Thomas. Roberta May, Obed's second wife, is also buried at Red Bank, several yards away, next to her mother and sister.

For the story of how Obediah George Goffigon was rescued from a shipwreck in 1893, click here .


2. Obediah Goffigon b. 1807, m. 1829, in Northampton Co. VA, Mary "Polly" Trower. Obediah died 13-Dec-1872.

3. Mary "Polly" Trower b. 1812, d. before 1860.

Grand Parents

4. William Goffigon b. 1785, m. 14-Apr-1806, in Northampton Co. VA, Polly Dixon. William died 1828.

5. Polly Dixon b. after 1786, d. after 1818.

6. John Trower b. 11-Aug-1782, m. 1805 in Northampton Co. VA, Delitha Belote. John died18-Sep-1840, buried: Latimer Farm, Northampton Co. VA

7. Delitha Belote b. 16-Jan-1787, d. 18-Jan-1855, buried: Latimer Farm, Northampton Co. VA

Great Grand Parents

8. Thomas Goffigon b. c. 1747, m. (1) 10-Mar-1781, in Northampton Co. VA, Bridgett Willis;(2) Mary (Peggy) Wilson

9. Bridgett (surname possibly Willis or Ellis) m. (1) William Elliott, m. (2) 10-Mar-1781, in Northampton Co. VA, Thomas Goffigon. Bridgett died after 1781.

10. John Dixon m. 1786, in Northampton Co. VA, Lucretia Costin. John died circa 1800.

11. Lucretia Costin d. circa 1800.

12. Robert Trower b. land b 1748, m. (1)____, m. (2) 1795, in Northampton Co. VA, Nelly Costin. Robert died 1804, buried: Latimer Farm, Northampton, VA

13. ____

14. William Belote m. 16-Apr-1779, d. 1789

15. Sarah Tankard

Great Great Grand Parents

16. James Goffigon b. c. 1697, m. (1) 1738 Leah Willett, m. (2) 27-Sep-1755, in (mlbm-45),Northampton Co., VA, Mary "Molly" Floyd. James died 1

17. Leah Willett b. c. 1707, d. before 1755.

22. Abraham Costin m. Elizabeth Griffith. Abraham died bef 1818.

23. Elizabeth Griffith b. before 1746, d. --Oct-1818.

3rd Great Grand Parents

30. John Tankard m. Sarah Andrews 12-Feb-1878, d. before 1779

31. Sarah Andrews m. (1) John Tankard 12-Feb-1878; (2) Henry Abdeel 26-Apr-1781

32. Thomas Goffigon m. Mary Duparkes. Thomas died approx. Apr-1720, Northampton Co.,VA

33. Mary Duparkes b. before 1702, probably died before 1720.

34. William Willett b. 1670, m. before 1694, Ann Stringer. William died abt. 1-Mar-1738/9,Northampton Co. VA

35. Ann Stringer b. before 1689, died before 1739, Northampton Co. VA

46. William Griffith b. before 1720, m. before 1746, Elizabeth Ann/e Fathery. William diedbefore 14-Apr-1772, Northampton Co., VA

47. Elizabeth Ann/e Fathery b. before 1720, died after 1774.

4th Great Grand Parents

66. Thomas Duparkes b. c. 1640, m. 13-Nov-1661, (in Bond-mlbm-33 per Bill W.),Northampton Co., VA, Elizabeth Powell. Thomas died 1-Mar-1702/3

67. Elizabeth Powell, of age 1660, so maybe born between 1640-1644), d. after 1702.

68. John Willett m. 25-Mar-1699, Elizabeth Douglas. John died by 28-Jul-1680, in NorthamptonCo. VA

69. Elizabeth Douglas b. before 1657, d. after 1672.

70. Hillary Stringer b. 1680, m. Mary ------. Hillary died 1722, Northampton Co., VA

71. Mary ------

92. Jerome ( Jerom ) Griffith b. before 1708, m. ____. Jerome died by Jun-1720, NorthamptonCo., VA

93. ___, probably died before 1720.

94. John Fathery m. Ann ------. John died before 11-Jul-1721, Northampton Co., VA

95. Ann ------ b. before 1720 died before 12-Apr-1737, Northampton Co., VA

5th Great Grand Parents

132. ------ Duparkes

134. Samuel Powell m. Ann ------. Samuel died 29-Sep-1666, Northampton Co., VA

135. Ann ------ died before 1689.

138. Edward Douglas m. Isabella ------. Edward died 12-Nov-1657, Northampton Co., VA

139. Isabella ------ m. (1) Edward Douglas, m. (2) 1658, Thomas Teackle. Isabella died before1674.

140. Hillary STRINGER

141. Mary _____

184. Jerom Griffith b. before 1684, m. by 1684, Elizabeth Gelding. Jerome died by28-May-1708, Northampton Co., VA. Follow this link to the ghotes Common Ancestor Linkage Project Page to find other descendants of Jerom Griffith.

185. Elizabeth Gelding b. before 1676, died after 1720.

6th Great Grand Parents

280. John Stringer m. Anne ------. John died before 21-Dec-1689, Northampton Co., VA

281. Anne ____

370. William Gelding m. Elizabeth ------. William died before 28-Mar-1688, Northampton Co.,VA

371. Elizabeth ------ d. before 31-Jan-1698, Northampton Co., VA

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