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One of the best ways to hear about recent genealogy research on Accomack and Northampton counties of Virginia is to join the new Ghotes e-mail list to share information with other Ghotes.


Please join our e-mail list server. Check here to find out how to join. We would love to have you join our group to help research family genealogy as it applies to Accomock and Northampton counties on the Virginia Eastern Shore.

Ghotes Conference 2010                 Our next conference will be in June of 2010. Please mark your calendars to keep the month open. We will anounce the exact dates soon. Keep checking this web site.

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Genealogy Software Programs

     The following is a list of known Genealogy software programs. The list is presented for you benefit. Ghotes, Inc. is not endorsing or recommending any of these programs. Each Ghotes member has their favorite software which they use. If you have questions about one software vs. another etc, you may want to post a question in the Ghotes Forum Section. Most of the software companies have or maintain a user forum, which you should also check out. The programs are listed here in no special order.

Software                                     Publisher

1. Family Origins 10.0                 Formalsoft

2. Brothers Keeper V 6              John Steed

3. Legacy Family Tree                Millennia Corporation

4. The Master Genealogist V 7.03   Wholly Genes Software

5. Personal Ancestral File 5.2      Intellectual Reserve Inc.

6. Family Tree Maker 2005

7. Family Tree Legends               Pearl Street Software

8. Family Tree SuperTools          Wholly Genes Software

9. GenSmarts                              Underwood Innovations, LLC

10. The Next Generation (TNG) By Darrin Lythgoe