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Data from the USGS Geographic Names Information System
Feature Name County Name Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Allen Church Northampton church 372901N 0755206W Nassawadox
Antioch Church Northampton church 372544N 0755335W Franktown
Bethel Church Northampton church 372839N 0755305W Franktown
Bethel Church Northampton church 373119N 0755526W Jamesville
Bethlehem Temple Mission Northampton church 371557N 0755744W Cheriton
Cape Charles Baptist Church Northampton church 371606N 0760055W Cape Charles
Cape Charles Presbyterian Church Northampton church 371609N 0760106W Cape Charles
Capeville Church Northampton church 371356N 0755812W Townsend
Capeville Methodist Church Northampton church 371251N 0755749W Townsend
Cheriton Baptist Church Northampton church 371715N 0755816W Cheriton
Cheriton Methodist Church Northampton church 371713N 0755816W Cheriton
Christ Episcopal Church Northampton church 372121N 0755646W Cheriton
Eastern Shore Lutheran Church Northampton church 371732N 0755823W Cheriton
Eastville Baptist Church Northampton church 372107N 0755623W Cheriton
Ebenezer Church Northampton church 373208N 0755142W Exmore
Emmanuel Episcopal Church Northampton church 371609N 0760047W Cape Charles
Epworth Church Northampton church 373118N 0754852W Exmore
Exmore Baptist Church Northampton church 373158N 0754927W Exmore
Faith Church Northampton church 371555N 0755749W Cheriton
First Baptist Church Northampton church 371617N 0760049W Cape Charles
Franktown Methodist Church Northampton church 372834N 0755256W Franktown
Holiness Church (historical) Northampton church 371522N 0760101W Cape Charles
Holmes Church Northampton church 371642N 0755807W Cheriton
Hungars Church Northampton church 372649N 0755525W Franktown
Johnsons Church Northampton church 372540N 0755455W Franktown
Lower Northampton Church Northampton church 371445N 0755821W Townsend
Magothy Bay Church Northampton church 371312N 0755910W Townsend
Mount Calvary Church Northampton church 373205N 0754825W Exmore
Mount Zion Church Northampton church 372543N 0755332W Franktown
Mount Zion Church Northampton church 373054N 0755600W Jamesville
Red Bank Church Northampton church 372703N 0755123W Nassawadox
Saint Charles Roman Catholic Church Northampton church 371606N 0760048W Cape Charles
Saint Marys Church Northampton church 373051N 0755557W Jamesville
Saint Stephens African Methodist Episcopal Church Northampton church 371620N 0760055W Cape Charles
Shorters Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Northampton church 372640N 0755541W Franktown
Trinity Methodist Church Northampton church 371607N 0760057W Cape Charles
Union Church Northampton church 372218N 0755529W Cheriton
Allen Cemetery Northampton cemetery 372122N 0755517W Cheriton
Cape Charles Cemetery Northampton cemetery 371558N 0755909W Cheriton
Holland Cemetery Northampton cemetery 372105N 0755436W Cheriton
Phillips Place Cemetery Northampton cemetery 373156N 0754754W Exmore
Tomb of Custin Northampton cemetery 371344N 0760014W Elliotts Creek
Whitehead Cemetery Northampton cemetery 371934N 0755706W Cheriton
Belle Haven Cemetery Accomack cemetery 373309N 0754942W Exmore
Bloxom Cemetery Accomack cemetery 375037N 0753609W Bloxom
Edge Hill Cemetery Accomack cemetery 374253N 0753910W Accomac
Fairlawn Cemetery Accomack cemetery 374213N 0754436W Accomac
Greenwood Cemetery Accomack cemetery 375343N 0753156W Hallwood
Joynes Cemetery Accomack cemetery 374145N 0754426W Accomac
Liberty Cemetery Accomack cemetery 374657N 0753936W Parksley
Mechanics Cemetery Accomack cemetery 375533N 0752202W Chincoteague East
Mount Holly Cemetery Accomack cemetery 374217N 0754432W Accomac
Onancock Cemetery Accomack cemetery 374158N 0754513W Pungoteague
Redman Cemetery Accomack cemetery 375617N 0752212W Chincoteague East
Ridge Cemetery Accomack cemetery 375645N 0752135W Chincoteague East
Wessells Cemetery Accomack cemetery 375107N 0753555W Bloxom
Adams Church Accomack church 374640N 0753947W Parksley
Andrew Chapel Accomack church 374126N 0754910W Pungoteague
Bethel Church Accomack church 375056N 0753609W Bloxom
Broadway Church Accomack church 374213N 0754842W Pungoteague
Calvary Church Accomack church 374731N 0754158W Parksley
Chincoteague Church Accomack church 375935N 0753125W Hallwood
Christ Sanctified Holy Church Accomack church 375648N 0752132W Chincoteague East
Craddockville Church Accomack church 373506N 0755154W Exmore
Dees Church Accomack church 375853N 0752712W Chincoteague West
Evergreen Church Accomack church 373913N 0755030W Pungoteague
First Church Accomack church 375019N 0753243W Bloxom
Friendship Church Accomack church 375605N 0753027W Hallwood
Gaskin Chapel Accomack church 374059N 0754515W Pungoteague
Gospel Temple Church Accomack church 373755N 0754522W Pungoteague
Guilford Church Accomack church 374938N 0753842W Parksley
Halls Chapel Accomack church 375434N 0753853W Saxis
Herbert Church Accomack church 373551N 0754204W Wachapreague
Hollies Church Accomack church 373803N 0754618W Pungoteague
Holy Trinity Church Accomack church 373646N 0755006W Exmore
Leatherbury Church Accomack church 374513N 0754522W Chesconessex
Metompkin Church Accomack church 374530N 0753708W Bloxom
Mount Olive Church Accomack church 373904N 0755043W Pungoteague
Mount Olive Church Accomack church 375527N 0753738W Saxis
Mount Sinai Church Accomack church 380015N 0753023W Pocomoke City
Mount Zion Church Accomack church 373356N 0754639W Exmore
New Testament Church Accomack church 374529N 0754523W Chesconessex
Oak Grove Church Accomack church 373753N 0754334W Accomac
Pilgrim Church Accomack church 375536N 0753904W Saxis
Pittsville Church Accomack church 375825N 0753447W Hallwood
Pocomoke Church Accomack church 375532N 0753836W Saxis
Saint Georges Church Accomack church 373801N 0754840W Pungoteague
Saint Johns Church Accomack church 375529N 0753749W Saxis
Saint Josephs Church Accomack church 373403N 0754841W Exmore
Saint Lukes Church Accomack church 374104N 0753953W Accomac
Saint Peters Church Accomack church 374145N 0754245W Accomac
Saint Thomas Church Accomack church 374831N 0754022W Parksley
Shiloh Church Accomack church 373640N 0755024W Exmore
Shiloh Church Accomack church 375250N 0753837W Saxis
Shiloh Church Accomack church 375334N 0753053W Hallwood
Sneads Church Accomack church 373531N 0754511W Exmore
Tabernacle Church Accomack church 375757N 0752807W Chincoteague West
Wise Chapel Accomack church 374538N 0754234W Parksley
Woodbury Church Accomack church 374730N 0753612W Bloxom
Zion Church Accomack church 374545N 0753656W Bloxom
Atlantic Accomack place 375402N 0753029W Hallwood
Bayside Accomack place 374452N 0754304W Accomac
Belinda Accomack place 375441N 0753944W Saxis
Belle Haven Accomack place 373315N 0754915W Exmore
Birch Town Accomack place 375513N 0752208W Chincoteague East
Black Point Landing Accomack place 375434N 0752301W Chincoteague West
Bloxom Accomack place 374946N 0753725W Bloxom
Bobtown Accomack place 373903N 0754737W Pungoteague
Boston Accomack place 373633N 0755035W Exmore
Bullbegger Accomack place 375728N 0753653W Hallwood
Cashville Accomack place 374207N 0754831W Pungoteague
Cats Bridge Accomack place 373306N 0754656W Exmore
Cedar View Accomack place 373649N 0755234W Jamesville
Centerville Accomack place 374526N 0753717W Bloxom
Chancetown Accomack place 373756N 0754203W Accomac
Chase Crossing Accomack place 374545N 0754004W Parksley
Chesconessex Accomack place 374507N 0754600W Chesconessex
Chiconessex (historical) Accomack place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Chincoteague Accomack place 375559N 0752245W Chincoteague West
Chincoteague (historical) Accomack place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Clam Accomack place 374849N 0754014W Parksley
Coal Kiln Crossing Accomack place 373415N 0754741W Exmore
Coocheyville Accomack place 373851N 0755109W Pungoteague
Craddockville Accomack place 373454N 0755209W Exmore
Crockett Town Accomack place 374049N 0754844W Pungoteague
Daugherty Accomack place 374122N 0753959W Accomac
Davis Wharf Accomack place 373310N 0755242W Jamesville
Deep Creek Accomack place 374602N 0754511W Chesconessex
Deep Hole Accomack place 375614N 0752113W Chincoteague East
East Point Accomack place 374312N 0754854W Pungoteague
Flag Pond Landing Accomack place 375608N 0753924W Saxis
Franklin City Accomack place 380028N 0752302W Girdletree
Gargatha Accomack place 374800N 0753554W Bloxom
Graysville Accomack place 374248N 0754045W Accomac
Greenbackville Accomack place 380041N 0752326W Girdletree
Greenbush Accomack place 374427N 0754053W Accomac
Greta (historical) Accomack place 375448N 0753203W Hallwood
Groton Town Accomack place 375159N 0753514W Bloxom
Grotons Accomack place 375534N 0753838W Saxis
Guilford Accomack place 374929N 0753907W Parksley
Hacksneck Accomack place 373835N 0755215W Pungoteague
Hallwood Accomack place 375239N 0753522W Hallwood
Harborton Accomack place 373942N 0754951W Pungoteague
High Woods Accomack place 374537N 0753922W Parksley
Hopeton Accomack place 374826N 0753816W Parksley
Hopkins Accomack place 374728N 0754217W Parksley
Horntown Accomack place 375810N 0752751W Chincoteague West
Horsey Accomack place 375531N 0753332W Hallwood
Johnson Corner Accomack place 375520N 0753259W Hallwood
Jordan Accomack place 374033N 0754137W Accomac
Justisville Accomack place 374745N 0754111W Parksley
Keller Accomack place 373709N 0754551W Exmore
Lecato Accomack place 375620N 0753301W Hallwood
Lee Mont Accomack place 374643N 0754053W Parksley
Little Hell Accomack place 373956N 0754637W Pungoteague
Locksville Accomack place 374019N 0754604W Pungoteague
Locust Mount Accomack place 373637N 0754200W Wachapreague
Locustville Accomack place 373913N 0754043W Accomac
Macedonia Accomack place 374933N 0753618W Bloxom
Mappsburg Accomack place 373439N 0754550W Exmore
Mappsville Accomack place 375045N 0753401W Bloxom
Matomkin (historical) Accomack place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Mears Station Accomack place 375122N 0753621W Bloxom
Mearsville Accomack place 375133N 0753727W Bloxom
Melfa Accomack place 373857N 0754430W Accomac
Messongo Accomack place 375452N 0753823W Saxis
Metompkin Accomack place 374609N 0753611W Bloxom
Middlesex Accomack place 373504N 0754836W Exmore
Middlesex Accomack place 373445N 0755014W Exmore
Miona Accomack place 375819N 0753439W Hallwood
Modest Town Accomack place 374846N 0753355W Bloxom
Mount Nebo Accomack place 374028N 0754812W Pungoteague
Mount Zion Accomack place 373357N 0754700W Exmore
Mutton Hunk Accomack place 374702N 0753600W Bloxom
Nandua Accomack place 373727N 0755101W Exmore
Nash Corner Accomack place 375646N 0753224W Hallwood
Nelsonia Accomack place 374911N 0753515W Bloxom
New Church Accomack place 375844N 0753153W Hallwood
Old Trower Accomack place 373530N 0754221W Wachapreague
Onancock Accomack place 374242N 0754458W Accomac
Onancock (historical) Accomack place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Onley Accomack place 374127N 0754259W Accomac
Painter Accomack place 373507N 0754707W Exmore
Parker Landing Accomack place 374813N 0754039W Parksley
Parksley Accomack place 374655N 0753914W Parksley
Pastoria Accomack place 374459N 0753750W Accomac
Pennyville Accomack place 373703N 0754959W Exmore
Persimmon Point Accomack place 375044N 0753240W Bloxom
Piggen Accomack place 373541N 0754315W Wachapreague
Poulson Accomack place 375233N 0753839W Saxis
Pungoteague Accomack place 373749N 0754850W Pungoteague
Pungoteque (historical) Accomack place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Quinby Accomack place 373313N 0754403W Wachapreague
Red Hill Accomack place 373533N 0754508W Exmore
Rue Accomack place 374714N 0753623W Bloxom
Sanford Accomack place 375530N 0753953W Saxis
Savage Town Accomack place 373307N 0754806W Exmore
Savageville Accomack place 374051N 0754526W Pungoteague
Saxis Accomack place 375526N 0754320W Saxis
Shad Landing Accomack place 375622N 0754017W Saxis
Shields Accomack place 373412N 0755114W Exmore
Sign Post Accomack place 375947N 0752740W Chincoteague West
Sinnickson Accomack place 375910N 0752547W Chincoteague West
Smithville Accomack place 374001N 0755038W Pungoteague
South Chesconessex Accomack place 374435N 0754644W Pungoteague
South Point Accomack place 374714N 0753335W Bloxom
Tangier Accomack place 374934N 0755931W Tangier Island
Tasley Accomack place 374237N 0754203W Accomac
Temperanceville Accomack place 375334N 0753251W Hallwood
The Oaks Accomack place 375338N 0753040W Hallwood
Ticktown Accomack place 374312N 0754134W Accomac
Trower Accomack place 373621N 0754432W Wachapreague
Tunnels Mill Accomack place 375759N 0753452W Hallwood
Wachapreague Accomack place 373615N 0754124W Wachapreague
Wattsville Accomack place 375602N 0753000W Chincoteague West
Whitesville Accomack place 374656N 0753948W Parksley
Winterville Accomack place 375018N 0753832W Parksley
Wishart Accomack place 375302N 0752941W Chincoteague West
Withams Accomack place 375644N 0753439W Hallwood
Accomac (historical) Northampton place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cheriton NE
Arlington Northampton place 371335N 0760006W Elliotts Creek
Bacon Hill (subdivision) Northampton place 373142N 0754905W Exmore
Bay Ridge Northampton place 371240N 0760038W Elliotts Creek
Bayford Northampton place 372840N 0755559W Franktown
Bayleys Neck Farm Northampton place 372755N 0755455W Franktown
Bayview Northampton place 371636N 0755804W Cheriton
Beverly Northampton place 371810N 0755601W Cheriton
Birdsnest Northampton place 372620N 0755253W Franktown
Bridgetown Northampton place 372644N 0755536W Franktown
Broadwater Northampton place 372334N 0754232W Quinby Inlet
Brownsville (historical) Northampton place 372801N 0754924W Nassawadox
Bulls Landing Northampton place 371039N 0755626W Townsend
Cape Charles Northampton place 371604N 0760104W Cape Charles
Cape Junction Northampton place 371612N 0755904W Cheriton
Capeville Northampton place 371210N 0755727W Townsend
Cardinal Estates Northampton place 372630N 0755345W Franktown
Cedar Grove Northampton place 371022N 0755756W Townsend
Cheapside Northampton place 371204N 0755904W Townsend
Cheriton Northampton place 371722N 0755818W Cheriton
Cherrystone Northampton place 371822N 0760007W Cape Charles
Chesapeake Northampton place 371828N 0755708W Cheriton
Church Creek Point Northampton place 372805N 0755553W Franktown
Clearview Northampton place 373254N 0755417W Jamesville
Collins Estates Northampton place 372808N 0755205W Nassawadox
Culls Northampton place 371641N 0755724W Cheriton
Dalbys Northampton place 371348N 0755814W Townsend
Deerfield Estates Northampton place 372340N 0755708W Franktown
Eastville Northampton place 372109N 0755646W Cheriton
Eastville Station Northampton place 372050N 0755556W Cheriton
Exmore Northampton place 373154N 0754924W Exmore
Fairview Northampton place 371559N 0755809W Cheriton
Franktown Northampton place 372843N 0755245W Franktown
Gangasco (historical) Northampton place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Cheriton NE
Hadlock Northampton place 373103N 0755002W Exmore
Harbour Point Northampton place 372500N 0755717W Franktown
Hare Valley Northampton place 372942N 0755134W Nassawadox
Hare Valley Estates Northampton place 372957N 0755058W Nassawadox
Hideaway Cove Northampton place 372904N 0755635W Franktown
Highland Heights Northampton place 373257N 0755002W Exmore
Hungars Point Northampton place 372534N 0755804W Franktown
James Crossroads Northampton place 372150N 0755626W Cheriton
Jamesville Northampton place 373054N 0755551W Jamesville
Johnson Cove Northampton place 373248N 0755535W Jamesville
Johnsontown Northampton place 372531N 0755452W Franktown
Kendall Grove Northampton place 372204N 0755517W Cheriton
Kendall Grove Estates Northampton place 372211N 0755607W Cheriton
Kiptopeke Northampton place 370816N 0755801W Townsend
Little Johnsontown Northampton place 372600N 0755122W Nassawadox
Little Salisbury Northampton place 371914N 0755607W Cheriton
Machapunga (historical) Northampton place UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Unknown
Machipongo Northampton place 372421N 0755407W Franktown
Magotha Northampton place 371048N 0755657W Townsend
Marionville Northampton place 372709N 0755118W Nassawadox
Martins Siding Northampton place 372324N 0755436W Franktown
Middletown Northampton place 372902N 0755204W Nassawadox
Nassawadox Northampton place 372829N 0755131W Nassawadox
Nassawadox Estates Northampton place 372848N 0755038W Nassawadox
Nottingham Northampton place 372042N 0755658W Cheriton
Oakland Park Northampton place 373038N 0754918W Exmore
Old Neck Landing Northampton place 373232N 0755530W Jamesville
Oyster Northampton place 371711N 0755522W Cheriton
Pat Town Northampton place 371754N 0755701W Cheriton
Peaceful Beach Northampton place 373012N 0755717W Jamesville
Peaceful Beach Estates Northampton place 372936N 0755725W Franktown
Peaceful Shores Northampton place 373040N 0755658W Jamesville
Pleasant Cove Village Northampton place 373207N 0755558W Jamesville
Red Bank Northampton place 372640N 0755032W Nassawadox
Red Bank Northampton place 371450N 0755926W Townsend
Reedtown Northampton place 372247N 0755455W Franktown
Seaview Northampton place 371542N 0755646W Cheriton
Shadyside Northampton place 372352N 0755445W Franktown
Sheps End Northampton place 372605N 0755207W Nassawadox
Silver Beach Northampton place 372907N 0755739W Franktown
Simpkins Northampton place 371927N 0755638W Cheriton
Smith Beach Northampton place 372145N 0755926W Cheriton
Solitude Trails Northampton place 372335N 0755641W Franktown
Stewarts Landing Northampton place 373031N 0755416W Jamesville
Stumptown Northampton place 372025N 0755649W Cheriton
TB Crossroads Northampton place 373041N 0755037W Exmore
The Meadows Northampton place 371952N 0755701W Cheriton
Townsend Northampton place 371104N 0755731W Townsend
Treherneville Northampton place 372537N 0755326W Franktown
Vaucluse Shores Northampton place 372527N 0755845W Franktown
Virginias Chesapeake Shores Northampton place 371340N 0760037W Elliotts Creek
Wardtown Northampton place 373205N 0755238W Jamesville
Weirwood Northampton place 372725N 0755212W Nassawadox
Westerhouse Woods Northampton place 372634N 0755814W Franktown
Willis Wharf Northampton place 373056N 0754825W Exmore
Woodstock Northampton place 372834N 0755052W Nassawadox

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