Photos from Virginia's Eastern Shore

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Milson Kellam & Nanbett Taylor
(c. 1928)

Children of Edward Richard Taylor and Mary Ann Conquest (Jagger, Taylor, Waples, Kelley)

Children of Nathaniel F. Taylor and Charlotte Milligan Corbin (Taylor, Hicks)

Walter Fred Taylor, Sr. (1922 - 1996)

Addie Tilghman

Cecil H. Tilghman (1923)
Dickie_Tilghman.jpg (82504 bytes)
Dickie Tilghman

Harold William Tilghman (c.1938)

William and Margaret

Hilda S. Tittermary and Olive S. Bowen, 1930

Hilda Tittermary and others, 1927

Hilda Tittermary and others

Hilda Tittermary?

Alvis Travis 1928

Alvis Travis and friend (1930)
Rodger Hale, Alvis Travis, Eliz Poulson Ames and Taylor Hale
Lee_Treadway.jpg (118101 bytes)
Lee Treadway

A Postcard
Miss Tull and Florence Covington.
Postmarked May 20, 1907 in Jenkins Bridge
(from Jim Matthews)

A Postcard
Miss Tull
Willie Tyndall
(from Jim Matthews)

A Postcard
Willie Tyndall
(from Jim Matthews)


Clyde_Underhill.jpg (77601 bytes)
Clyde Underhill

Margaret and Alonzo UNKNOWN



Genevra Johnson Ward

Genevra Johnson Ward

James "Will" Ward and others
Lynn_and_Virginia_Warrington.jpg (265893 bytes)
Lynn and Virginia Warrington, 1948

Virginia and Lynn Warrington
jaw_sk_photo.jpg (60134 bytes)
James Alfred Watson
optDrWilliamWaltonWilkins.jpg (5303 bytes)
Dr. William Walton Wilkins

Lucille Watson and Virginia Williams 
jaw_sk_photo.jpg (60134 bytes)
Susan Elizabeth Kellam Watson

Virginia E. Watson
ww_photo.jpg (38724 bytes)
Willianna Watson

Mary Isabella West (1842-1889), wife of John Addison and mother of John West Addison

George Fulwell Wilkins

William "Pete" Walton Wilkins (right)

Mary A. Robinson and Frances Williams (July 13, 1928)

Margaret Sara Williams (1825-1850)

Virginia Williams and Lucille Watson
anne_jennings_wise.jpg (40640 bytes)
Anne Eliza Jennings Wise
capt_frederick_may_wise_(us_navy).jpg (40354 bytes)
Capt. Frederick May Wise, U. S. Navy
capt_george_stewart_wise_(US_Navy).JPG (34949 bytes)
Capt. George Stewart Wise (US Navy)
capt_henry_alexander_wise_(baltimore).jpg (44360 bytes)
Capt. Henry Alexander Wise
catherine_stansberry_wise.jpg (35637 bytes)
Catherine Stansberry Wise
dr_john_james_wise.jpg (47984 bytes)
Dr. John James Wise
gen_peyton_wise.jpg (38652 bytes)
Gen. Peyton Wise
gov_henry_alexander_wise.JPG (52893 bytes)
Governor Henry Alexander Wise
hon_george_douglas_wise.jpg (55153 bytes)
Hon. George Douglas Wise
hon_john_sergeant_wise.jpg (38984 bytes)
Hon. John Sergeant Wise
hon_richard_alsop_wise.jpg (48850 bytes)
Hon. Richard Alsop Wise
major_john_wise.JPG (36068 bytes)
Major John James Wise
margaret_douglas_pettitt_wise.jpg (44562 bytes)
Margaret Douglas Pettitt Wise
obediah_jennings_wise.jpg (38649 bytes)
Obediah Jennings Wise
rev_henry_alexander_wise.jpg (33177 bytes)
Rev. Henry Alexander Wise
sarah_sergeant_wise.jpg (36484 bytes)
Sarah Sergeant Wise

Wolf and Denby



Victor Young


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