Photos of Hog Island

Provided by Bob Burns

Page under construction!!

These photographs are generously shared from the collection of Mr. Bob Burns.
They belonged to Bob's Dad, so he doesn't know their particulars.

Can you help? Do you know anything about the people or places pictured?
Names, dates, places, interesting bits of information are all welcome.
If you can help, please send email to Bob at Thanks! Barbara Cox


abandoned_house.jpg (47348 bytes) abandoned_house-1.jpg (58963 bytes) biggs.jpg (48937 bytes) boat.jpg (46861 bytes)
abandoned house abandoned house 1 biggs boat
boat_on_railway.jpg (57801 bytes) boathouse_railway.jpg (46496 bytes) burns_and_froggy.jpg (40461 bytes) burns_with_truck.jpg (51072 bytes)
boat on railway boathouse railway burns and froggy burns with truck
froggy_.jpg (46241 bytes) froggy-2.jpg (80787 bytes) wolf_and_denby.jpg (39542 bytes) wolf_and_jordan.jpg (40595 bytes)
froggy froggy-2 wold and denby wolf and jordan
cg_station.jpg (55208 bytes) cg_station-2.jpg (59718 bytes) chief_burns.jpg (54988 bytes) clubhouse_ruins.jpg (65917 bytes)
cg station cg station 2 chief burns clubhouse ruins
coast_guard_station.jpg (41702 bytes) dead_trees.jpg (60943 bytes) field_with_fence.jpg (37259 bytes) hog_island-1.jpg (58338 bytes)
coast guard station dead trees field with fence hog island 1
hog_island-2.jpg (63806 bytes) hog_island-3.jpg (42303 bytes) hog_island-4.jpg (51568 bytes) hog_island_coasties.jpg (53704 bytes)
hog island 2 hog island 3 hog island 4 hog island coasties
man_with_mortar.jpg (53574 bytes) man_with_fish.jpg (81084 bytes) man_with_fish-2.jpg (51522 bytes) lighthouse.jpg (43524 bytes)
man with mortar man with fish man with fish 2 lighthouse
light_house.jpg (60684 bytes) lifeboat.jpg (52164 bytes) lifeboat-2.jpg (47465 bytes) lightkeepers_house.jpg (34201 bytes)
light house lifeboat lifeboat 2 lightkeeper's house
guy_unknown.jpg (49314 bytes) guys_unknown.jpg (42802 bytes) mort_burns.jpg (54111 bytes) m_burns_and_friend.jpg (55732 bytes)
guy unknown guys unknown mort burns m burns and friend
mort_burns-2.jpg (43852 bytes) mort_burns_on_boat.jpg (54575 bytes) mort_burns_with_fish.jpg (48480 bytes) north_end_station.jpg (42122 bytes)
mort burns 2 mort burns on boat mort burns with fish north end station
old_truck.jpg (52842 bytes) railway_under_ice.jpg (51050 bytes) truck.jpg (54152 bytes) truck-2.jpg (53417 bytes)
old truck railway under ice truck truck 2
underwater_railway.jpg (58760 bytes) walkway.jpg (39382 bytes) walkway-2.jpg (44180 bytes) walk_from_wharf_to_station.jpg (41007 bytes)
underwater railway walkway walkway 2 walk from wharf to station
watchtower.jpg (42364 bytes) wild_sheep.jpg (53838 bytes) unknown_with_fish.jpg (47403 bytes)
watchtower wild sheep unknown with fish

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