Photos from Virginia's Eastern Shore

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Alice_Maude_Mapp.jpg (71203 bytes)
Alice Maude Mapp

Edwin Thomas Mapp
Mapp album
Elsie_and_Edwin_Jr_Mapp.jpg (135527 bytes)
Elsie and Edwin Mapp, Jr.

Emory Sara Lee Mapp
Mapp album
Mr_Harry_Mapp.jpg (72473 bytes)
Harry Mapp
Olive_Carpenter_Mapp.jpg (56634 bytes)
Olive Carpenter Mapp with children
Richard_and_Alice_Mapp.jpg (128935 bytes)
Richard and Alice Mapp, 1944

Marsh family, 1915

Arthur Marsh and others

Fred Marsh and others

Charles Thomas Marshall 1823-1871 Son of Robert Nairn Marshall and Elisabeth Hall
(Provided by Judy Stell)

Hannah Daly Marshall

"Hank" Marshall, 1950

John L. Marshall and cousin Pauline Lewis Phillips, 1942

Priscilla Virginia Porter Marshall 1831-1880 Daughter of William Porter and Sally Miles, Wife of Charles Thomas Marshall (Provided by Judy Stell)

Robert H. and Elizabeth Marshall.  Taken in 1870 by Frank E. Pearsall, photographer, Brooklyn, NY (provided by Frank Courtney)

Rush Porter Marshall 1860-1898 Son of Charles Thomas Marshall and Priscilla Virginia Porter (Provided by Judy Stell)

Ruth V. Marshall, 1906

William Birckhead Marshall

Yvonne Marshall and Gerald Bowen

Yvonne Marshall and Gerald Bowen

A Postcard
Clara LUCAS Matthews
sent to her daughter
Laura Matthews in Pocomoke.
About 1890
(from Jim Matthews)

Jim Matthews' Dad on
Boardwalk in Ocean City
(from Jim Matthews)

Southey T. Mears (surname uncertain!)

Mable Mercer

Jane C. (Lilliston) Milliner

Annie Smith Higbee Mitchell
John Moore with Clarence Holland and Wilsie Hamilton


Northam and Bloxom families

Alfred Downes Nottingham

Elizabeth Jarvis Spady Nottingham

Emily Moore Lyte Nottingham

Emily Moore Lyte Nottingham

Francis Irving Nottingham
HenryIrvingNottingham.jpg (7320 bytes)
Henry Irving Nottingham

Julia Nottingham and Eliz. Poulson Ames
LauraCookeNottingham.jpg (8632 bytes)
Laura Cooke Nottingham

Laura Cooke Nottingham

Laura Cooke Nottingham

Lizzie Nottingham

Mary Agnes Nottingham

Seth Nottingham

Thomas Spady Nottingham
thosnottemilymoorelytenott.jpg (8260 bytes)
Thomas Spady Nottingham
nottingfam1.jpg (191732 bytes)
Thomas Spady Nottingham
VirginiaSpadyNottingham.jpg (8412 bytes)
Virginia Spady Nottingham
virginianott2.jpg (8896 bytes)
Virginia Spady Nottingham

Virginia Spady Nottingham


Kendall_Outten_Geraldine_Powell_and_Roy_Greene.jpg (142529 bytes)
Kendall Outten and others
Kendall_Outten.jpg (60323 bytes)
Kendall Outten

Kendall Outten and others
Walter_Outten.jpg (37943 bytes)
Walker Outten

Anna Elizabeth Ozmon (on left) taken about 1930 in Harmony, MD (provided by Frank Courtney)

Annie Elizabeth Ozmon
(Sturgis index)


John Paige and friends

Annie Bell Bradford Pearson and  Dorothy Ann Higbee

Rinnie Leaton Pearson

Otto Phillips and others

Ray Phillips and others

Raymond Phillips and others

Ruth and Richard Phillips

Virginia Pollard

Geraldine Powell and others
Geraldine_at_Powells_Service.jpg (121995 bytes)
Geraldine Powell at Powell's Service
Geraldine_Powell_and_friends.jpg (137321 bytes)
Geraldine Powell and Friends

Geraldine Virginia Powell
Mapp album

Grandma Powell

Victor Mapp Powell
Mapp album



Ralph_R_Richardson.jpg (108354 bytes)
Ralph R. Richardson

Mary Riggin and others, 1927
Helen_Robbins.jpg (32976 bytes)
Helen Robbins

Mamie Shep Doughty Robbins and others, 1927

Elizabeth Upshur Robins

Elmer Rolley
(Sturgis index)

Gussie Rolley
(Sturgis index)

Ellen Major Rowe, Kathleen Rowe and friends



Edward James Savage

Edward Norman Savage

George Mifflin Dallas Scarborough
Mrs. GMF Scarborough
Patricia_Ann_Scherzinger.jpg (46340 bytes)
Patricia Ann Dudley Scherzinger

Leonard Scott

William Jarvis "Little Willie" Simkins

Charles Simpson and Grafton Bowen, 1930

James Vernon Simpson

James Vernon Simpson and Lottie Doughty Simpson

James Waylon Simpson

Mary Ellen Simpson and others, 1927

Mary Ellen Bradford Simpson

Lottie Doughty Simpson
Geraldine_Smith.jpg (31344 bytes)
Geraldine Smith

Hallie Smith and others, 1927

Lee Smith and Billy Floyd Smith

Lily Bradford Smith

Mildred Doughty Smith
Mrs_Hopkins_and_Mrs_Smith.jpg (44132 bytes)
Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Hopkins

Walter Wise Smith

Elizabeth Jarvis Spady
ElizaJarvisSpady.jpg (7160 bytes)
Elizabeth Jarvis Spady
FrancesGoffigonSpadyca1898.jpg (5558 bytes)
Frances Goffigon Spady ca. 1898
FrederickGoffigonSpady.jpg (7348 bytes)
Frederick Goffigon Spady
FrederickGoffigonSpadyage9.jpg (6299 bytes)
Frederick Goffigon Spady

George Jarvis Spady
MariaAnnSpadyage4.jpg (6319 bytes)
Maria Ann Jarvis Spady
optDrThomasFitchettSpady2.jpg (6098 bytes)
Dr. Thomas Fitchett Spady
ThomasSanfordSpadyA.jpg (19664 bytes)
Thomas Sanford Spady
optThomasSandfordSpady2.jpg (5135 bytes)
Thomas Sanford Spady
WilliamSimkinsSpady.jpg (8856 bytes)
William Simkins Spady
WilliamSimkinsSpadyb1855.jpg (4877 bytes)
William Simkins Spady, born 1855
optWilliamSimkinsSpadyJr.jpg (6203 bytes)
William Simkins Spady, Jr.

Clara Lowe and Aline Spencer

Norma Wolf Sprague and her great-grandmother

Sturgis & Others

Anna Emily Sturgis
(Sturgis index)

Carroll Sturgis
(Sturgis index)

Carroll Chase Sturgis at age 5.  Taken about 1890 (provided by Frank Courtney)

Carroll Chase Sturgis (1910, apparently a wedding photo).  Married Helen Fletcher Cooper (provided by Frank Courtney)

Carroll Chase Sturgis (1914). Bears the inscription "Carroll Sturgis my baby" (provided by Frank Courtney)

Carroll Chase Sturgis (taken about 1930 in Harmony, MD) (provided by Frank Courtney)

Helen Fletcher Cooper Sturgis
(Sturgis index)

Ida Sturgis, aka "Jaque".  Married Larry McCabe (provided by Frank Courtney)

James S. Sturgis
Julia Ann DOWNING Sturgis, Roberta May STURGIS Goffigon, Obediah George Goffigon, Oliver GOFFIGON, Polly GOFFIGON (c. 1905)

Mama Ella Sturgis (Alexine "Ella" Marshall) with son Carroll Sturgis and granddaughter Anna E. Sturgis. Taken Sept. 1913 (provided by Frank Courtney)

Priscilla Brown, Rob Stevenson, Elmer Thomas Ames and Friends

Roberta May Sturgis

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