Photos from Cape Charles VA

Sturgis Family

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Persons. left to right, are Anna Elizabeth Ozmon, Carroll Chase Sturgis, and Mary E. DuHadway . Taken about 1930in Harmony, MD.
Provided by Frank Courtney
Carroll Chase Sturgis taken in 1910. This appears tobe a wedding photo. He married Helen Fletcher Cooper.
Provided by Frank Courtney
Carroll Chase Sturgis taken in 1914. It bears thecaption in handwriting, "Carroll Sturgis my baby."
Provided by Frank Courtney
Carroll Chase Sturgis at age 5. Photo was taken about 1890.
Provided by Frank Courtney
This is Ida Sturgis, Carroll Chase Sturgis' sister.Her "stage name" was "Jaque". She married a Larry McCabe.
Provided by Frank Courtney.
Mama Ella Sturgis (Alexine "Ella" Marshall), with her son Carroll Sturgis and Granddaughter AnnaE. Sturgis (aka Courtney) taken in Sept. 1913.
Provided by Frank Courtney
The photo is of Robert H. and Elizabeth Marshallthat was taken in 1870. The Photo was taken by Frank E. Pearsall,Phtographer, 298 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Provided by Frank Courtney

Additional Photos from the Sturgis Family

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