What happened to 
Hog Island Light?


I don't remember who asked the question about Hog Island Light. I have been waiting for verication before writing... This answer came from the local museum and the newspaper, The Virginian Pilot.

After the Hog Island Lighthouse was demolished in 1948, the Fresnel lens was displayed at the Mariners Museum in Newport News, Va. In the 1960's, Mariners Museum  received a more complete lens and the Coast Guard loaned the Hog Island lens to the city of Portsmouth. The city was in the process of redeveloping the waterfront and so the lens was put in storage. 

Now plans have been made to place the lens between the Seawall and the old Seaboard Building on the Portsmouth waterfront. The lens, which is about ten feet tall will be housed in a temperature-controlled building and will be lighted and rotate day and night as an icon for the city of Portsmouth.

Ruth Williams

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