Families of Hog Island
November 1903

The source of the list presented on this page is page 35 of a 40-page pamphlet entitled Hog Island, Virginia,  written by Hog Islandís lighthouse keeper, Charles A. Sterling, in 1903. The list was transcribed by Nanette Davis from material loaned to her by Ruth Williams. The spelling is exactly as listed in the pamphlet, without emendation.

Hog Island, Virginia
c. 1903
A pamphlet of 40 pages
page 35

on November 1, 1903, the following is the list of families on Hog Island:

Capt. Geo. W. Doughty, wife & two children;
one girl & boy,
Albert & Bertie

Capt. B. T. Bowen, wife & 4 children
one girl, 3 boys,
Harry, Thomas, Russell & Emma

Capt. Coon Philipps & wife

Geo. E. Doughty & wife

Sam Doughty & wife, 2 children;
1 girl & 1 boy
Masey & Garland

Chas. Doughty & wife, 2 children;
1 girl & 1 boy
Sarrah & Wilbert

Miss Lizzie Philipps & Brother & one child

 Shefford Doughty & wife, two boys,
Archie & Shefford Jr.

Capt. Neal Johnson, wife & 5 children
two girls & 3 boys
Massy, Carrie, John, Bartine, Wm.

Capt. Geo. Johnson & one daughter

Washington Carpenter & wife

Richard Carpenter, wife, 6 children
4 girls,  Bettie, Grisceder, Massy, Noria;  2 boys,
Willie, Elis

Edward Doughty, wife & 4 children
2 girls, Lottie & Elthel,
2 boys, Chas., Samuel

James Simpson, wife
7 children; 2 boys & 5 girls
Vernan & Albert, Hallie, Essie, Eva, Fannie, Massy

Jacob Hudson & wife
one child; girl,

James Philipps, wife, 3 children;
2 boys, 1 girl
Cereader, Herbert, Stanly

A. H. Marsh, wife, 3 boys
Carl, Herman, Arthur

Fred Marsh, wife, 3 children
1 boy, 2 girls
Lilly, Janie, Ernest

Mrs. Nancy Kelly & daughter Peggy

Miss Tillyann Doughty & sister Sarrah

Mr. G. P. Hudgins, wife, two children; boys
Carl, Linwood

Geo. A. Melvin & wife, 5 children
1 boy, 4 girls
John, Loue, Minny, Georgie, Jenny

Wm. A. Miles, wife, 2 children;
both girls
Mable, Eveyline

  John H. Robbins, wife dead, 4 children;
2 girls, 2 boys
Gracie, Julie, Cesal, Bryan ''all young''

Capt. Thom. Doughty, wife, 6 children;
4 boys, 2 girls,

Mrs. Dave Doughty, Mrs. Henry Doughty, Geo., Ricks, Floyd, Ivan



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