1850 Federal Population Census

Transcribed and shared with GHOTES by Nanette Davis.

Here is my transcription of page 304B of the 1850 NH census. It is possible that Hog Island families can be found on page 304A --in fact I know the Fletchers who are listed did live there but it only complicates things to include the maybes. This page 304B is clearly filled in as '' Hog Island'' and then there is a note written in pencil on the line next to Charles Kelly but this may have been written in much later.  Nanette Davis

Page 304B

Schedule I – Free Inhabitants in Hog Island in the County of Northampton State of Virginia enumerated by me on the 3rd day of Sept 1850 – Thos. R. Jarvis, Ass’t Marshal


All persons were recorded as having been born in Northampton County

 (continuation of Household #477 from page 304A dated 31st Aug 1850, headed by James Kelly, age 65, Cooper, $100 in real estate, no r/w; Fanny, age 47, no r/w; Nancy, age 31, no r/w; Samuel., age 22, Fisherman)

Jane Kelly, wf, 15

James Kelly, wm, 7



Charles Kelly, wm, 52, Cooper, no r/w (‘Hog Island begins’ written in pencil)

John Young, wm, 25, no occupation



John Taylor, wm, 46, Waterman, no r/w

Lucy Taylor, wf, 36, no r/w

Margarett Maslin, wf, 35, no r/w

Susan Maslin, wf, 19

William Taylor, wm, 17, no occupation

Samuel Taylor, wm, 15

Charles Taylor, wm, 11

Kittura Taylor, wf, 3

Adaline Taylor, wf, 2



George Churn, wm, 24, Sailor, married within the year

Rosy Churn, 20, wf, no r/w



John Douty, wm, 50, Farmer, $750 in real estate, no r/w



John B. Carpenter, wm, 46, Fisherman, $250 in real estate, no r/w

Sarah M. Carpenter, wf, 36

John Carpenter, wm, 18, Fisherman

Leonard Carpenter, wm, 16

Berry Carpenter, wm, 12

Hanry (sp?) Churn, wm, 9



John W. Douty, wm, 26, Fisherman, no r/w

Susan Douty, wf, 23, no r/w

Elizabeth Dennis, wf,  18

Margarett Dennis, wf, 6

Sally Dennis, wf, 3

Nancy Dennis, wf, 1



John Cotterell, wm, 47, Sailor, $250 in real estate

Elizabeth Cotterell, wf, 30, no r/w

Nancy Carpenter, wf, 27

Margarett Carpenter, wf, 2



Shepherd Douty, wm, 35, Farmer, $100 in real estate, no r/w

Nancy Douty, wf, 68, no r/w

John Douty, wm, 32, no r/w

Archibald Douty, wm, 20, no r/w



Martin Douty, wm, 28, no r/w

Mary Douty, wf, 21

Sally Douty, wf, 23

Elijah Douty, wm, 4

(this household continues on page 305A which is not labeled as ‘Free Inhabitants of Hog Island’ although the date is the same -- 3rd Sept 1850)

Letty A. Dougherty, wf, 1

Margarett Kelly, wf, 13

Frances Colins, bf, 12


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