Chronological Gootee Transactions
Accomack County, Va.
© 1997 by Robert Gootee

Alexander Johnson left 100 acres (A169) to daughter Elizabeth, who later married Joseph Gootee. (Vol 2, Va. ES by Whitelaw).

Joseph Goutee and wife Elizabeth, Dorset Co, Md, sold 100 acres inherited from Alexander Johnson to John Massey. (A169). Note: The bequest by Johnson to his daughter Elizabeth had been entailed and they had no right to sell the land. They had a daughter Mary, who married Levin Taylor and she proved title to the land in 1756 and Thomas Marsey (Massey) deeded his claim to the Taylors. In 1785, Mary Taylor, widow, and son Jesse and his wife, Rachel, sold 37 acres to William Massey. the next year Mary deeded the balance to Jesse and he and his wife Rachel, sold to Jabez Pitt.( Vol. 2, Va.ES by Whitelaw)

Joseph Goutee, Mary Luecraft and Samuel Payne, listed as witnesses for will of John Marain. (Vol. 2, VaES by Whitelaw and Acc Co Wills 1715-1729 and Wills and Admins 1663-1800).
Gilbert Morris, son of John Norris, sold John Goutee 45 acres (A166) see 1729. (Vol 2, VaES by Whitelaw).

Ralph Lisney left his land, 100 acres (A169)(including 30 acres of A166) to his daughter Mary, who married John Gowtee. (Vol 2, VaES by Whitelaw). James Brown administered his estate to John Gouty. (Vol 2, VaES by Whitelaw).

05 Mar 1727/8
James Brown administered his estate to Joseph Gouty (pg 95, Orders, Acc Co, 1724-1731).

2 Jun 1728 - 6 Feb 1728/9
Joseph Gouty will - To wife Elizabeth. To bro. John Gouty. To dau Mary (under 16). Brother John and friend John Tankard, Exers. Witt: Priscilla Burton, Robert Leonard, Elizabeth Tankard. (Acc. Co Wills 1715-1729)

Gilbert Morris and wife Mary sold to John Goutee, 45 more acres (A166) (see 1720. Vol 2, VaES by Whitelaw.)

John Goutee sold land to Gilbert Morris, (B&S part 1 1729-1737 pg 304)

02 Jan 1738
James Benston administered his estate to John Goutee. John Tankred, Scarburgh Tunnell, Sec. (pg 114, Orders, Acc. Co, 1737-1744)

30 Jun 1741
John Watts administered his estate to John Goutee. Robert Slocomb and Elias Taylor, Sec. (pg 340, Orders, Acc. Co,1737-1744)

John Goutee sold land to Gilbert Morris, etux (B&S 1737-1746 pg 270).

15 Aug 1747-24 Nov 1747
Jonathon Benstons will -To wife Hannah, use of all my lands during her widowhood, then to son Rosewell (minor). Son Rosewell, Jonathon, Dau. Catherine. Witt: George Douglas, John Gowtee, Joseph Gowtee, Ambrose Benston, John Merril. John Gowtee was appointed guardian of Rosewell Benston, heir at law to the testator.(Acc Co Wills 1745-1749)

31 May 1748
John Gowtee administered his will to Widow, Mary. Mason Abbott and Thomas Parramore, Sec. (pg 268, Orders, Acc Co, 1744-1753).

30 Jan 1749
Ralph Anderson administered his estate to Mary Gowtee. George Douglas, Sec. (pg 268, Orders, Acc Co, 1744-1753)

John Mercy (Massey), son of Thomas, sold 25 acres (A169) to Levin Taylor, husband of Mary Gootee. (VaES by Whitelaw)

Hill Bensten and Joseph Gouty were witnesses for John Benstens will.Lists wife Hannah, sons Micajah, Zepheniah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and daughters Levineah and Leah. (Acc Co Wills, 1752-1757)

29 Mar 1755
Gerrard Syers of New Jersey, now of Cape Fear, left Andrew Goutey sea books and instruments. (Abstracts of Wills, 1690-1760, pg 369).

Robert Pitt will lists 165 acres of land bought from Dennis Blake and Joseph Gootee, lying at the head of Pitts Creek and Mill Dam Branch. ( Wills and Admin 1663-1800)
Thomas Marcy (Massey), son of John Massey, deeded his claim over to Mary Gootee Taylor.(A169) (see 1719 entry) (VaES by Whitelaw).

28 Dec 1756
Thomas Ellis administered his estate to John Taylor. Nathaniel Shockley and Joseph Gowtee , Sec. (Wills and Admin 1663-1800).

24 Feb1762
Ezekiel Benston and his wife Ann left his land (A166) to eldest son John Benston (under 21). Lisney and Joseph Gootee and Hannah Benston were witnesses. (see 1779) (VaES by Whitelaw and pg 94,Orders, Acc Co, 1753-1763).

01 Dec 1762
Joseph Gowtee and John Morris and wife Mary, united in a deed to Lisney Gowtee for 45 acres, stating that it had been bought by John Gowtee from Gilbert Morris and Henderson Baker. (VaES by Whitelaw).

Littleton Massey (Mercy) sold to Levin Taylor, husband of Mary Gootee Taylor, 25 acres (A169) (VaES by Whitelaw).

04 Jan 1763
Joseph Goutee and wife Rachel, Accomack Co, Va and Andrew Goutee, Dor Co, Md to John Goutee, three tracts of land : "Bellegrove", Gootee's Hope" , part of "Callis" (note: all in Dor Co, Md- Land Record 18 Old 284).

01 Jun 1763
John Major, died intestate and his estate was administered by John Gowtee (A116). Ralph Justice, Sec. (pg 552, Orders, Acc Co, 1753-1763 and Va ES by Whitelaw) (see 1768).
Joseph Gouty witnessed the will of John Benston (pg 218, Orders, Acc Co, 1753-1763.)

15 Feb 1764
John and William Miles to John Gouty, Messiuago Plantation.

20 Aug 1764 - 27 Nov 1764
Mary Lisney Goutee, surviving he husband John Goutee, left her Plantation and lands (A169) to son Joseph. Her will also lists son John, Andrew, Lisney and dau. Trephina and Mary. Witnesses were John Mercer, Leaven Taylor, William Shipman.(see 1727) In order of probate Joseph Gowtee heir at law to the testatrix.(VaES by Whitelaw and Acc Co Wills 1761-1767).

Joseph and Rachel Gootee deeded to Jabez Pitts (Wor Co, Md), Pitts Creek land that once belonged to Josephs Mother, Mary, 250 acres.(VaES by Whitelaw)

Joseph and Rachel Gowtee had the entail docked (A169) and sold by General Court to George Holden and two years later, Rachel, widow of Joseph, released her dower rights to Holden. ( VaES by Whitelaw)
Samuel Pitt, left his niece Leah, daughter of brother John Pitt, 280 acres (A168). She married Andrew Gootee. (VaES by Whitelaw).

26 Nov 1766
Thomas Pope administered his will to Polly Pope. Lisney and John Gootee Sec. (pg 307, Orders, Acc Co, 1765-1767)

Lisney and Hannah Gootee sold to James Selby (A166- see 1762) (VaES by Whitelaw).

24 Feb 1767
John Outten administered his estate to Jesse Outten, John Gootee, Sec. (pg 1, Orders, Acc Co, 1767-1768)

28 Apr 1767
John and Bridget Goutee to John Sacker Barnes, 150 acres that had belonged to Bridgets Father, John Majors. ( Land Records)

29 Apr 1767
Joseph Goutee to his Sister, Trophene Pettit from a promise to his Mother, now deceased. One Negro girl called Sarah, for five shillings.( Land Records) John Sacker Barnes and John Goutee, 150 acres, John and wife Bridget. (Land Records)

01 Jul 1767
Samuel Pitts administered his estate to Andrew Gootee. Littleton Dennis, Sec (pg 159, Orders, Acc Co, 1767-1768)

31 Mar 1768
Joseph Gootee administered his estate to Rachel Gootee. George Stewart, Sec. (pg 18, Orders, Acc Co, 1767-1768)

26 Apr 1768
Rachel Gootee, widow of Joseph released her dower rights to George Holden, 127 acres (A169) and 43 acres of swamp. See 1766. (VaES by Whitelaw).
Jedediah Brittingham administered his estate to Rachel Brittingham. Andrew Gootee, Sec. (Orders, Acc Co, 1768-1769).

28 Jul 1768
John and Bridget Gootee and Charles Bagwell, 300 acres (A 116).(John Majors land).(VaES by Whitelaw)
John Gootee to James Henry for 50 £, slaves Abel, Isaac, Esther, Toby and Taffy. (Land Records) 04 Jun 1769
John Michael to John Gootee, Allesuage Plantation, for comfortable easy living, maintenance, bed and board during his natural life and clothing and livery and other necessities and convenience for life. ( ? Record )

10 Nov 1769
Andrew Gootee and Robert Jenkinson were witnesses for Jean Massey will.(Wills and Admins 1663-1800)

11 Feb 1770 - 24 Apr 1770
Andrew Gootee, Edward Benson and Josephus Warrington, were witnesses for Alexander Warringtons will.(Acc Co Wills 1767-1772)

9 Apr 1771
Littleton Massey and Mary, his wife, administratrix of Thomas Pope, deceased of Accomac County, gave power of attorney to Lindsey Goote to settle the affairs of the estate. (pg 213 William and Mary Quarterly)

24 Jan 1772 - 31 Mar 1772
Will of John Pettit Jr (nunc)- To son William Pettit. Balance of Estate to wife during her widowhood, then to divided between my two daughters. Proved by John Gootee and Betty Taylor. In order of probate: Trophenny Pettit, widow of testator qualified. (Wills and Admins 1663-1800)

2 Jan 1773
Andrew Gootee, John Cain, John Pitt and Joseph Waggoman were witnesses for the will of William Caine.( Acc Co Wills 1772-1777).

16 Feb 1773
Andrew and Leah Pitt Gootee sold 280 acres (A168) inherited in 1766 to George Holden, Pitts Creek land on Pocomoke River. This land was left to Leah by her Uncle, Samuel Pitt in 1766. (VaES by Whitelaw).

9 May 1775 - 29 Aug 1775
Levin Taylors will - To wife Mary (Gootee) Taylor, 15 acres during her widowhood to raise Levin, George, Lizebeth and should she marry, said tract to be rented out for 10 years to raise these three children. At the expiration of 10 years, I give the said land to my son, Jesse Taylor, upon the condition that he pay George Taylor 50£ and should Jesse offer to sell the land the same to fall to my son, Levin and should Levin offer to sell, to fall to my son, George. Bal. of estate to my wife for life then to my dau. Leath Taylor and Anne Taylor and Levin Taylor and George Taylor and Lezebeth Taylor. Wife Mary and son Jesse, Execs. Witt: Lisney Gootee and Polly Broadwater. (Acc Co Wills 1772-1777).

15 May 1775
Joseph Gootee, eldest son of John Gootee to Robert Pitt. (VaES by Whitelaw)

3 Feb 1776
Lisney Gootee and John Benson were witnesses for William Bratten will. Lists Sophia Bratten, widow and guardian for Nehemiah Benston. (Acc Co Wills, 1772-1777)

21 Sep 1776
Spicer Bagwell and Sophiah to John Gootee, France(s) Creel, "Simpson Hammock" adjacent to Jobs Island, 100 acres.

28 Nov 1776
John Gootee, Attorney for Ben Peck, Merchant.

11 Oct 1779
John Benston and wife Sarah, sold 200 acres (A166) to William and Mary Selby who resold to Lisney Gootee. (VaES by Whitelaw)

Feb 1781
James Silby and Anne Benston, both of Maryland, joined in a release to Lisney Gootee for any interest they might have in the John Benston land (A166). (VaES by Whitelaw).

27 Feb 1781
William and Leah Parker to John Gootee.

28 Feb 1781
Jacob Wilkinson administered his estate to John McClain. John Gootee, Sec. (pg 129, Orders, Acc Co, 1780-1783 and Acc Co Wills 1780-1784). Lisney Gootee, Masey Benson, Rebecker Benson and Mary Melvin were witnesses for will of Elizabeth Hill. Lists Elizabeth, sons Arthur, William, Zorowable, daughter Leah Broadwater and several other daughters not named. (Acc Co Wills 1780-1784).

11 Nov 1781
Col. John Cropper was informed that Mr. Gootee declined appointment to supply troops due to lack of pay. (Calendar of State Papers, pg 595) Col. John Cropper to Col. Davies, repeated the above.(Calendar of State Papers, pg 595).

26 May 1784
Walter Hatten administered his estate to Abraham Outten. William Snead and John Gootee, Sec. (pg 321, Orders, Acc Co, 1783-1784)

Mary Gootee Taylor and her son, Jesse and his wife Rachel, sold 37 acres (A169) to William Massey.(VaES by Whitelaw).

22 Feb 1785
Jonathon Copes administered his estate to Thomas Snead and Solomon Read. John Gootee and John Speirs, Sec.(Wills and Admins 1663-1800)

25 Jan 1785
Benjamin Peck administered his estate to Sarah Peck. Thomas Custis and John Gootee, Sec. (pg 49, Orders, Acc Co, 1784-1786)

27 Jan 1785
Joseph Hemmons administered his estate to James Holston. John Gootee, Sec. (pg 69, Orders, Acc Co, 1784-1786)

Mary Gootee Taylor, deeded 63 acres (A169)to son, Jesse and wife Rachel. They in turn sold to to Jabez Pitts. (VaES by Whitelaw).

John Gootu (should read Gootee) 4 Blacks over 16, 9 Blacks under 16, 4 horses, 12 cattle. Lisney Gootu (should read Gootee) 10 Blacks over 16, 14 Blacks under 16, 9 horses, 28 cattle. ( Personal Property Tax List "A", Accomack Co, Va) John and Bridget Major Gootee sold 220 acres of inherited land (A116) to William Warner.

10 Dec 1788
John Gootee to Shadrach Mears for 140 £, slaves, Toby, Roby, Moses, Americus, Comfort, Patience and Ebey.

28 Feb 1789 - 29 Apr 1789
Lisney Gootee, John Morrison, Nehemiah Broghton and Hannah Morrison were witnesses to will of Michael Robins. Lists wife Leah, son Michael, daus. Sarah, Suanna and Mary Wilkerson and son John. (Acc Co Wills1788-1794). 25 Jun 1792
Isaac Powell married Polly Gootie (Marr Lic bonds, Acc co, Va)

16 Aug 1792
Lisney Gootee sold 24 acres (A166) to Isaac Bolton (Boston) of Worcester Co, Md (VaES by Whitelaw).

22 Sep 1794
J. Gootee took a letter from Col. John Cropper to Governor. (Calendar of State Papers, pg 321, 1794)

30 Oct 1794
John and Elizabeth Gootee to John Teackles Sr, waters entering Metomkin River. John Gootee to James Tyrell, 2 slaves, Shadrack and Tull. John Gootee Attorney for William Lucas of South Carolina. (Land Records)

10 Nov 1794
Lisney and Polly Gootee to Nehemiah Bratton (Mary signed note ?) (by 27 Jan 1795, Polly was a widow).

17 Nov 1794 - 27 Jan 1795
Lisney Gootee will- To son John Gootee, all the lands (A166) that I have title to and for want of issue, to be divided between my two daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth Gootee, resid. legatees. Brother John Gootee and friend Revel Patterson, Exrs. Witt: Charles Beard, George Marshall, Ephrain Melvin, Reabeck Marshall. (Note: Polly later married William Brittingham.(Acc Co Wills 1794-1796).

30 Dec 1794
Batholomew Twiford administered his estate to Robert Twiford. John Gootee and James Twiford, Sec. (pg 270, Orders, Acc Co, 1793-1796)

01 May 1798
Isaac Powell administered his estate to Polly (Gootee) Powell- Laban Powell, sec. (pg 410).

16 Jul 1799
John Gootee, son of Lisney Gootee sold 100 acres (A166) to Walter Bayne. (VaES by Whitelaw)

28 Dec 1799
John Gootee, son of Lisney Gootee sold 60 acres (A166) to Walter Bayne. (VaES by Whitelaw).

John Gootee, of Ismy Note: should be Lisney ( 1800 Accomack Co, Va Census)

07 Jan 1800
Polly Gootee Brittingham (widow of Lisney) and new husband William Brittingham of Worcester Co, Md., released her dower rights (A166) to son John Gootee. (VaES by Whitelaw).

21 Mar 1800
John Gootee, son of Lisney sold 127 acres (A166) to Walter Bayne. (VaES by Whitelaw).

Henry Selby, son of James Selby, sold 62 acres (A166) to Walter Bayne, which he had inherited from James and stated that 45 acres had come from Gilbert Morris (see 1729) to John Gowtee and 20 acres from Dennis Blake to Gowtee. Joseph Gootee, son of John had sold both to Robert Pitt II and title had passed to Robert Pitt IV, who sold to James Selby. (VaES by Whitelaw)

218 acres (A116) were found for division, to the heirs of John and Bridget Major Gootee. (VaES by Whitelaw).

William Gooty, Pvt, 1month 15 days service. Member of William A Christains Co., 27th Reg of Va Milita, Northampton County, Commanded by Lt Col Major S Pitts, 30 Jun to 15 Aug 1814.

15 Aug 1829
Thomas Holmes, Sheriff, to John Custis and James Gootee, land of John Downing (A171), who was in the custody of the Sheriff for writs of Cafreus (arrest) and Satisfaciendim, for $10.25. (Land Records)

28 Jan 1830
James Gootee and George D Downing.
Major Duffie to James Gootee for $38.00, 1 yoke oxen, 2 horses, 2 cows, yearling, 1 waine, 1 horsecart, 2 beds, furniture, bedsteads, loom, 4 ploughs, 3 harrows, 20 geese, 3 hogs, 1 dutch oven etc.

20 Aug 1840
Elisha Gootee, widow of James Gootee married Thomas Russel of George. 20 Feb 1875 (Marr Lic of Acc Co, Va by Turman)
Aydelotte (Wor Co) to John T Gootee, land on Md/Va line

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