Coast Guard Documents From Ruth Williams

Letter from the Superintendant of the Coast Guard        100.gif (148635 bytes)101.gif (170772 bytes)102.gif (145213 bytes)


Acknowledgement of receipt of medals                             103.gif (90338 bytes)


Letter of thanks from Spanish consul                                104.gif (105832 bytes)105.gif (86566 bytes)

Note: The provenance of these papers is uncertain.  The R. C. Joynes mentioned in the documents was the grandfather of Ruth's husband.  J. E. Johnson, J. R. Dunton and J. E. Burton were his great-uncles.

Dramatic 1892 Hog Island Rescue
"Despite one fatality, one of the most notable rescues of 1892 was that conducted by the crew of the Hog
Island (VA) Station (Fifth District) in landing twenty-six persons from the Spanish steamship San Albano on
24 February 1892."
Read about the San Abano Rescue

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