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John Purnell Marshall Family Bible
Posted by Judith Marshall Stell 


  Isaac Marshall (my brother) died Mar 4 1797
  John Marshall (my father) died Apl 4 1797
  Rachael Ennis (my sister) died Aug 13 1810
  George Washington Marshall son of John and Ann born Oct 10 1819
  Elizabeth Ann Marshall dau of John and Ann died Oct 14 1819
  Thomas P Marshall (my brother) died Apl 8 1821
  Mary M. Williams wife of Thomas N Williams died Apl 19 1832 aet 35
  Ann Marshall wife of John P Marshall died Feb 26 1820
  Isaac Marshall son of John P Marshall died Jan 16 1829
  John P Marshall died Mar 19 1829 aet 69
  George W Marshall d Oct 1 1832
  Josiah M Marshall d d Aug 7 1882
  John E H Marshall d Aug 29 1884
  Josiah M Marshall d ,AUg 7 1882
  Elizabeth Ann wife of Josiah M Marshall died Apl 15 1897

  Ellen Marshall.b Jan 27 1835 d 1908
  Mary Elizabeth b Apl 2 1838
  Gordon A L Marshall b Oct 23 1840
  Herbert Whittingham Marshall b Mar 31 1846
  Mary Elizabeth Marshall died 1838 aet 19
  John Littleton Bowdoin Robins son of Littleton and Martha Robins born June 14 1802
  James Bowdoin Robins b Jan 14 1805
  Mary Spence Robins b July 23 1808
  Littleton Robins b Mar 13 1779
  Martha Robins b Jan 8 1783

*This has been copied exactly as spelled and punctuated on the transcript held at Maryland Historical Society,
including the spacing to line up names under the entries for children of John D. Marshall and William A. Marshall
Submitted by Judith Marshall Stell, ghote 

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