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 Family Bible of Josiah and Elizabeth Marshall
Posted by Judith Marshall Stell 
C. B. H. Turner Collection
Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland

  Stephen Ennis ad Martha mar Nov 3 1813
  Josiah Marshall and Elizabeth Ann Ennis mar Dec 12 1832

  Martha Ellen Marshall b June 27 1835
  Mary Elizabeth Marshall b Apl 2 1838
  Gordon Alexander Lafayette Marshall b Oct 23 1840
  Herbert Wittington Marshall b Mar 31 1846
  Joseph Abbott son Herbert b Jan 14 1882

  Samuel Wales Ennis son of Stephen and Martha d May 9 1826 at Poplar town
  Stephen Ennis father of Elizabeth, Martha, Samuel and Sarah Margaret died Jan 4 1832 at S Martins
  Martha Ennis widow of Littleton Robins and mother of John, James and Mary Robins and mother
      of Elizabeth, Martha, Samuel and Sarah Ennis died July 24 1832
  Josiah M. Marshall died Aug 7 1882
  Elizabeth wife of Josiah M. Marshall d Apl 15 1897

*This has been copied exactly as spelled and punctuated on the transcript held at Maryland Historical Society


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