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Marshall Family Bible
Snow Hill & Horn town
(Bible records of either John D. Marshall and/or his father, William Allen Marshall)
Posted by Judith Marshall Stell

  John D Marshall m Ann Welborne Dec 22 1830

  Edward Washington Marshall son John & Hester (Welborne) Marshall b June 26 1832
  Susan Ann Marshall b Dec 5 1835
  Hester Drummond Marshall dau John & Hester b June 15 1841
  John D Marshall son J D & Hester b Dec 5 1845
  John D Marshall b Nov 20 1807
  Hester Ann Welborne b May 7 1809
  William A Marshall b Mar 28 1759
  Dolly Bishop wife W A Marshall b Apl 12 1781
  Emily Drummond Marshall dau John D & Zipporah Welborne b Aug 22 1833
  Sabra Welborne b Aug 2 1836
  John William Welborne b May 18 1838        (Marshall) sister John D Marshal
  George Sanders Payne son Jacob & Margaret Payne b Oct 31 1835

  Zipporah P Welborne wife John D Welborne d June 1 1838
  John W Welborne d 1838
  Emily Drummond Welborne d Dec 26, 1838
  Sabra Welborne d Mar 1839
  John D Welborne d Mar 25 1849
  James C Welborne d Apl 30 1841
  William A Marshall d Oct 23 1816 aet 57
  Dolly Bishop d Oct 2 1842
  Margaret Payne wife Jacob Payne d Feb 20 1845
  Hester Drummond Mashall dau John D & Hester d Sept 1841
  John D Marshall son J D & Hester d Aug 8 1846
  William D Marshall d May 15 1849 son Jno & Hester.

William A Marshall b 1759 d 1816  m
Dolly Bishop b 1781 d 1842 her 1st husband Cap. Geo. Bishop  b    d
          John D Marshall b 1807  d     m 1830
          Hester Ann Welborne b 1809  d     their children
                   Edward Washington Marshall b 1832   d         m
                    Lavinia Shepherd b        d                      children
                              Sarah =                 Susan =           Margaret=
                              Erastus Dashiell    O D Collins     Jno Wilson

William A Marshall other children Elizabeth=      Margaret=       Ann=   W Boston
John D Marshall other children       Anderson        Jacob Payne
                Susan Ann; Hester Drummond; John D  :

Dr Geo Bishop, John D Marshall (1809) half brothers by Dolly Bishop

*This has been copied exactly as spelled and punctuated on the transcript held at Maryland Historical Society,
including the spacing to line up names under the entries for children of John D. Marshall and William A. Marshall
Submitted by Judith Marshall Stell, ghote 

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