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Posted by Barbara Cox
January 5, 1998 

This record was transcribed some years ago by Douglass Frayser from the Goffigon Family Bible at "Millford" on the seaside in Lower Northampton Co. VA. The location of the Bible is not known at this time. The copy was submitted for compilation by Wm. B. Wilkins [our own olde ghote]. Typed by Lila H. Schmidt in January, 1989. Typed again January 5, 1998 by Barbara Cox for posting to the ghotes web. Thanks to all who participated in this record's circuitous route to the ghotes web!

Nathaniel Goffigon intermarried with Frances Dunton the 20 day of December 1772
Fredk. Goffigon married to Mary E. Nottingham October 23d. 1851.

Nathaniel Goffigon father of said children was born 10 of January, 1747. 
Frances Goffigon the above-mentioned wife was (born) 20th of April 1754. 
Sally Goffigon daughter of Nathl. Goffigon and Frances was born 7 of March 1774.
Frances Goffigon daughter of Nathl. and Frances Goffigon was born 10th of November 1776. 
Nathl., son of Nathl. Goffigon and Frances, was born March 19th, 1780.
An infant born dead 19 day of January 1785.
Esther Goffigon daughter of the same was born October the 13th, 1786.
John Goffigon son of the same parents was born 3d. of June 1789.
Sukey Goffigon daughter of the same parents was born 17th of April 1792.

John Goffigon son of Nathl. 25th September, 1796.
Frances Jarvis wife of William Jarvis 21st October 1796.
Nathl. Goffigon son of Nathl. September 12th, 1797
Nathl. Goffigon, Sr. 31st January 1808. (See next entry.)
Nathl. Goffigon son of James and Molly Goffigon departed this life the 31st day of January 1808 in the 61st year of his life.
Frances Goffigon wife of Nathl. G. 8th September 1817. (See next entry.)
Frances Goffigon relict of Nathaniel departed this life September 14th, 1817.
Nathaniel Goffigon son of Nathl. and Frances his wife departed this life 25 day of September 1796
Esther Goffigon, relict of Southey Goffigon departed this life March the 8th 1844. Aged 57 years, 5 months, and 23 days.
Southey Goffigon son of Southey Goffigon died January 14th 1825. Born April 17th 1777 - aged 47 years, 8 mo. and 28 days.
Polly Goffigon wife of James Goffigon died 21st of September 1851. Funeral preached by P. Williams.
Frances Jarvis daughter of Nathl. and Frances Goffigon his wife departed this life 25 day of October 1796.

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