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American Bible Society New York 1853. Bible owned by Mrs. Estelle W. Nottingham. Cape Charles, VA. Copied by Jean M. Mihalyka in April 1979.

Posted by Judy Jehn
October 6, 1997
The Thomas Copes in this bible was born Feb 10, 1829 and died Oct 23, 1890. He was married to Elizabeth W. Cottingham on Dec 19 1853 in Northampton. Elizabeth was born June 18, 1830, and died Feb 8, 1891. Judy Jehn.


Mary E. daughter of Thomas Copes and Elizabeth his wife was born July 6th 1859.
Peggy J. Copes, daughter of Thomas Copes and Elizabeth his wife, was born July 14th 1863.
Virginia T. Daughter of Thomas Copes and Elizabeth his wife was born August 21, 1867.
Virginia T. Warren, daughter of Thomas E. Warren an his wife Mary born the 10th of October 1875.
Emily J. Warren, daughter of Thomas E. Warren and his wife, Mary born August 7, 1877.
Annie T. Copes the daughter of Thomas Copes an Elizebeth his wife, was born the 22 May 1877
Estelle T. Daughter of William T. Wyatt and Pegg J. His wife, was born October 26th 1890.
Edward B. Coston, son of Seth Coston and Peggy J. his wife was born December 31, 1897.
Edwin B. Costin, Son of Edward B. Costin and Grace E. his wife, was borned September 2 1929


Thomas Copes died October 23 1890
Elisabeth Copes, his wife died Feb 8 1891
William S. Wyatt died February 24 1891
Seth Costin died September 25th 1934
Peggie C. Costin died April 13 1940 at 12:55


Mary E. Warren, the wife of Thomas E. Warren was married Oct the 1st 1874


Mrs. Nottingham states that her mother, Peggie J. Copes married (1) Wm Wyatt and (2) Seth Costin. She was 3 months old when her father, Wm Wyatt died.

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