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The Marshall Family Bible

of “Beckford” Princess Anne, Somerset County, Maryland

Charles Thomas Marshall (8/4/1823-10/10/1871) married Priscilla Virginia Porter (8/9/1831-7/31/1880) 4/4/1849. Children below

Mary Virginia Marshall (10/16/1850-6/14/1932) married Joseph C. Whittington 5/30/1871. Children, Lucie, Ida, Florence, Jessie, Charles, Frank

Ida Anna Marshall (9/23/1854-12/19/1943) married Henry Fillmore Lankford (4/21/1856-6/13/1935) 6/23/1880. Children Henry Marshall Lankford (2/26/1881- )

William Charles Marshall (10/27/1857-9/7/1909) married Elizabeth Farrell. no children

Rush Porter Marshall (12/18/1860-12/10/1898) married Mary Hayward 9/14/1887. Children, Rush Porter, Marion Janet, Charles Hayward

Frank Thomas Marshall (12/8/1863-10/13/1933) married Agnes in 1908. no children

Emily Estelle Marshall (4/14/1868-living) married Clarence Pinckard Lankford 12/12/1874. Children, Priscilla Pinckard Lankford (1/11/1896-living)

Hattie Evelyn Marshall 9/23/1870-living) married Joseph Gunby Scott 8/26/1896. Children, Joseph Gunby, William Marshall, Ida Evelyn.

Henry Marshall Lankford (2/26/1881-living) married Alice Catherine Fitzsimmons (?-9/28/1939) 12/23/1908. Children, Catherine Marshall Lankford (10/14/1919-living), Henry Fillmore Lankford (9/16/1924-living) second marriage, Marguerite Harms 2/2/1939

Catherine Marshall Lankford (10/14/1919-living) married David June Carver 9/14/1938

Marion Marshall Griest (?-10/4/1914)

This material was copied by Marshall Scott 2 Feb 1948 when the Bible was removed from ‘Beckford.’ The Bible was given to Fred Griest, son of Marion Marshall Griest, and after his death, given to the possession of Charles Hayward Marshall, Jr.

Submitted by Judith Marshall Stell, ghote

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