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The following was copied from a family Bible belonging to the Crowson Family.

L. T. Crowson & Sallie D. Rue, married at home 9th day of Feb. 1876 in presence of relatives by R.C. Jones.

Marriage page. No dates unless given.

George S. Crowson & Sallie J Mason
Charles T. Crowson & betta
James H. Crowson & Lula Justice
Sallie D. Crowson & John Justice
Benjamine F. Crowson & Gladys Wright

Levin T. Crowson Jr. & Ethel M. Justis were married St April 23, 1927 at Onancock by Rev. A. T. P. Hudson, Meth. parsonage.

L.T. Crowson was born Sept 20 1849
Sallie D. Crowson was born Oct 1, 1855
George S. Crowson b March 29,1877
Charles T. Crowson b. May 22, 1879
James H. Crowson b. Jan 17 1882
Sallie D. Crowson b. Aug. 10, 1884
Benjamin T. Crowson b. April 11,1887
Samuel H. Crowson b. March 14, 1890
John R. Crowson b. July 19, 1892
Levin T. Crowson b. Nov 8, 1895

L. T. Crowson Sr died april 24, 1975 (Sat)
Sallie Dennie Crowson died April 14, 1930 (Mon)
Benjamin T. Crowson died July 12, 1938 (Tues)

This bible was in the International Expo. Dec 1881.

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