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THE HOLY BIBLE B. F. Johnson and Co. Richmond, Va. A.D. 1881. The bible belongs to the three Granddaughters of John and Linda E. Goffigon: Jennett Wilkins, Mrs. Wm.F., Jr., of Cape Charles, Va.; Virginia Gilmore, Mrs. John of Miami, Fla.; and Laura Dennis, Mrs.Charles of Franktown,Va.

Copied and typed by Jean M. Mihalyka in May, 1986.


John Goffigon & Linda E.Jennett were married December 12th 1869

Carl Herdic and Louisa Spady Goffigon were married in Emanuel Protestant Episcopal Church in the town of Cape Charles Va by the Rev. W. Nelson Meade on Tuesday morning Aug 6th 1895 at 10 o'clock

George L.Morrison and Adelaide Downs Goffigon were married in the Presbyterian Church at Cape Charles by Rev. A. S. Venable on Wednesday April 15-1903 at 8 o'clock p.m.

Leland D. Baker and Linda Evans Goffigon were married in the Presbyterian Church at Cape Charles Va. by Rev. Flournoy on Wednesday October 4th 1911 at 3:30 P.M.

Laura Goffigon and George Ritzel were married in Philadelphia, Pa. June 12, 1920.

John Franklin Herdic and Julia Warner [were married] in Chicago Ill. October 1, 1921. Son of Louise Goffigon Herdic.

Carl Herdic Jardt and Julia Goffigon, daughter of Kemper & Ann P. Thompson on May 21,1932.


John son of Edwin Goffigon & Louisa C. his wife was born 23d of November 1840-

Linda E. wife of John Goffigon was born 26th of April 1850-

Louisa Spady daughter of John Goffigon & Linda his wife was born Saturday May 13th 1871-

Edwin Jennett son of John Goffigon and Linda his wife was born Monday February 3d 1873-

Benjamin Stetson son of John Goffigon & Linda his wife was born Thursday December 20th 1877-

Adelaide Downes daughter of John Goffigon & Linda his wife was born Thursday December 16th 1879-

John son of John & Linda Goffigon was born Monday February 6th 1882-

Linda Evans daughter of John Goffigon & Linda his wife was born Wednesday December 15th 1886-

Laura Fitchett daughter of John Goffigon & Linda his wife was born Sunday May 20th,1888-

John Franklin son of Carl Herdic & Louisa S. G. his wife was born in Williamsport Pa. on Sunday May 17th 1896-

Carl Herdic son of Louise G.Herdic was born in Williamsport Pa. on Saturday April the 7th 1906- adopted by Dr. A. F. Hardt, stepfather in 1917-

Leland A.Baker,Jr. August 19,1912

Eugenia Jennett Baker September 28, 1916

Evans Virginia Baker June 27, 1921

Laura Goffigon Baker January 10,1927

Louise Hardt Herdic May 14,1924 in Chicago, Ill.

Lansing Warner Herdic May 17,1927 in Chicago, Ill.

George Martin Ritzel May 17, 1929


Louisa C. Goffigon wife of Edwin Goffigoridied of paralysis August 8th 1877-

Edwin Goffigon died of Asthma March 19th 1882-

Carl Herdic husband of Louisa S. G. Herdic died of apendicitis on Friday September 22 1905-

John Goffigon husband of Linda E. Goffigon died of Bright's disease on Wednesday March 2nd 1910-

Louise G. Hardt died January 22nd 1929 of spinal meningitis-

Leland D.Baker, Jr. (died) June 23, 1932. son of Evans & Leland D.

Linda E.wife of John Goffigon died Jan. 18th 1933 at 6:30 P.M.

Lansing Warner Herdic, of appendicitis, aged 5 years, Feb.1933-

Edwin J.Goffigon son of John and Linda E.Goffigon died December 6th 1935 at Salisbury,Md.-

B. Stetson Goffigon, son of John and Linda E. Goffigon died July 10th, 1948

John Goffigon son of John and Linda E. Goffigon died Jan.3, 1953-

Adelaide Downes G. Morrison, daughter of John and Linda E. Goff igon died December 6,1953

Laura G. Ritzel, daughter of John and Linda Goffigon, died February 15,1969, Blue Ridge Sanatorium, Charlottesville,Va.

Linda Evans Goffigon Baker, daughter of John and Linda Goffigon, died May 23, 1971, Doctors Hospital, Coral Gables, Florida


Mrs. Laura Goffigon Ritzel, 80, formerly of 304 Hatton St. Portsmouth died Saturday in a Charlottesville Hospital. Widow of Geo. M. Ritzel, Sr. Survived by a son George Martin Ritzel of Richmond and a sister, Mrs.Evans G. Baker of Nassawadox and Florida. Burial in St.Paul's Catholic Cemetery. Brennan Funeral Home

Mrs. A. F. Hardt Louise Goffigon Hardt, wife of Dr. A. F. Hardt, prominent Williamsport, Pa. specialist, died at her home at 2 o' clock Tuesday morning, January 22nd of influenza pneumonia. She was 58 years old. Survived by two sons, Carl H. Hardt, and John F. Hardic; three sisters: Mrs.Leland D. Baker of Collingswood, N.J., Adelaide G.Morrison of Philadelphia, and Mrs. George M. Ritzel of Peninsula Junction, Md.; and three brothers all of this cityJohn, Jr., Edwin, and Stetson. The Rev. Hiram Rockwell Bennett, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church officiated at the service. The interment was in Wildwood Cemetery. Mrs. Hardt was prominent in numerous civic and charitable organizations, especially in developing the Garden Club to its present state of importance. January 22,1929.

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