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All names and dates that follow are taken from the family bible of William Purnell and Martha Brittingham, now owned by William Locke Brittingham of Norfolk, Virginia.

"our forefathers and mothers"

Macajah Brittingham married Tabitha Nubal ("G.G.G. grandfather & mother")

Children (not listed)

Pernal (Purnell) Brittingham married Kisia Johnson ("G.G. grandfather & mother")

They had 13 children, "All present at their mothers death and their father still living 1799."

1. John Brittingham

(family bible has a notation: "John Brittingham, died Jan. 20th 1861")

2. Sallie Brittingham

3. Nancy Brittingham

4. Pernal Brittingham

5. Samuel Brittingham

6. Thomas Brittingham

7. Micajah Brittingham ("our great grandfather")

8. Tabitha Brittingham

9. Elizabeth Brittingham

10. James Brittingham

11. Levi Brittingham

12. Elijah Brittingham

13. Levin Brittingham

Micajah Brittingham married Elizabeth Taylor

They had three children:

William Purnell, Emma, Elizabeth

William Purnell, born July 2, 1806, died Sept. 6, 1855

married Martha ??, born April 2, 1808, died Dec. 14th, 1848

They had eleven children:

1. Elizabeth Ann, born Nov 2, 1830, died Nov. 4, 1910

married Oney Hall Edwards

Children of Oney H. and Elizabeth A. Edwards

Stanwood Smoot Edwards, born June 7th, 1864

Vara Van Eaton Edwards, born August 14th 1866

Augustus Brittingham Edwards, born August 15th 1869

Lizzie Cheatham Edwards

2. Sarah Jane, born June 24th 1832, married William Morris; died May 1874

3. Otis, born December 15th, 1833, died in infancy, Dec. 24th, 1833

4. Annis, born Dec. 13th 1834; never married, died at the age of 55 in 1890

5. William Henry, born Nov. 15th 1836; died Feb. 10, 1907

married Sallie W. Brickhouse

Children of Wm. H and Sallie W. Brittingham

Mary Bowles Brittingham

Martha Pernell Brittingham

William Vernon Brittingham

Phillip Bruce Brittingham

Smith Rufus Brittingham

Edith Blackwell Brittingham

6. Virginia, born Sept. 18th, 1838; died July 7, 1901

married Rev. J.F. Smoot of N.C. Conference

Children of Rev. J.F. and Virginia Brittingham Smoot

Annis Augusta Smoot, died Sept. 13th 1869

Stanwood Smoot, son of Oney H. and Elizabeth A. Edwards, died July 1st, 1865 (from family bible: though he is not listed on the birth page)

Alexander Lee Smoot

William Brittingham Smoot

J. Edward Smoot

Frank Neely Smoot

Thomas Arthur Smoot

Marvin LeRoy Smoot

Cora Virginia Smoot

7. James Edward, born Jan. 27th, 1840; died Jan. 1881

married Louisa C. Bailey who died March 1884

Children of James E. and Louisa Bailey Brittingham

Oscar Jerome Brittingham

Edward Leland Brittingham, died July 1923

James Arthur Brittingham, born July 7 1872, died as Rev. James Arthur Brittingham, Nov. 17. 1950

William Russell Brittingham

Alice Brittingham

Thomas Alfred Brittingham

Lucy Brittingham, died as Lucy Brittingham Stewart, Sept. 1923

8. Laura, born March 25th, 1842; died in infancy on Oct. 15th, 1844

9. John Augustus, born August 30th, 1843; never married, died at the age of 24

10. Thomas Vernon, born March 19th, 1845; never married, died at the age of 56, March 12, 1901

11. Emma Francis, born March 7th, 1847; died at the age of 19, Aug. 31st, 1866

William Henry Brittingham and Sallie W. Brickhouse had six children

Mary Bowles Brittingham (Mollie)was born on the 31st day of December 1876

never married

Martha Purnell Brittingham (Mattie) was born on the 24th day of April 1878

married ?? Miltier, no children

William Vernon Brittingham was born on the 19th day of March 1880, died April 24, 1924

Phillip Bruce Brittingham was born on the 21st day of January 1883

Married 1)?? 2) Ethel

one child, Virginia Brittingham; married Fred Stewart

two sons: Bruce, Richard (deceased)

Smith Rufus Brittingham was born on the 4th day of December 1884

Married Kitty ??

Edith Blackwell Brittingham was born on the 8th day of March, 1887

married Arla A. Brittingham

Edith Blackwell Brittingham and Arla A. Brittingham


_ Mary Edith Brittingham (died at age 12)

_ William Locke Brittingham

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