John Savage

Researched by Nora Miller Turman 21-Nov-1988

John Savage, a son of Abel and Barsheba Gunter Savage, married Sally whose last name was not found. The records identify only one child, a son, who survived them. Entries in the 1800 Census for Accomack County, St. George Parish show that John of Abel was between 26 and 45 years of age. The household also had two males under 10, possibly John's half-brother Abel and his own son George. There was one male under 16 that was also probably one of John's half-brothers. The females listed in the household were one under 19, one 16 to 26, one 26 to 45, and one over 45. The younger female was likely a half-sister. John was excecutor of his father's and stepmother's estates. He did not finish settling them until two years after the 1800 Census was taken.

John and Sally sold the land he had inherited in three small sections. The first sale was made on 27-Jan-1806 and the last one was made on 16-Jun-1807. Each deed was designated as John of Abel.

Since the records are blank about John and Sally until their son George of John appears it is surmised that one or both of them lived until George was at least 18 years of age. Otherwise, George would have had a guardian appointed or he would have been apprenticed. The large inventory of farm equipment and household furnishings after George's death in 1847 indicates that George had lived on in John and Sally's home.

Both John and Sally died intestate at unknown dates.

Children of John and Sally Savage:

George AGE:
d. 1847
Harriet Chambers Bull
m. 26-Aug-1822

Notes and References:

U.S. Census for 1800 Accomack County, St. George Parish microfilm print Deeds 1804-1807 pp. 8, 207, 453

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