Land Patent to Thomas Graves, 1628

Provided by Michael Graves

Captain Thomas Graves (Antient Planter)

Land Patent 200 Acres

Recorded 14 March 1628

Book Number One, Page 72

Land Registrars Office, Richmond Virginia

To all to whome these presents shall come, I John Potts Esquire Governor and Captain General of Virginia send greetings in our Lord God Everlasting whereas by the order and constitution formerly made and established for the affairs of this Colony and hath bound and ordained and appointed that all dividends of lands any way due and belonging to any adventurer or planters of what condition soever be laid out and assigned to them according to the several conditions in the same mentioned. Now know ye that said John Pott does with the consent of Councell of State give and grant unto Captain Thomas Graves an antient planter and to his said heirs and assignees for and by these presents two hundred acres of land as his first divident and on a second division augmented and doubled to him his said heirs and assigns when he or they shall sufficiently have peoples and planted the land situated and lying on the eastern side of the shore of the Bay ofChesapeake and abutting southerly in the land of Captain Henry Flute and thence extending northerly along the banks of the water side one hundred and fifty poles northerly upon the said bay and easterly directly striking into the main woods the saidtwo hundred acres are accruing by an adventure of five and twenty pounds paid by the said Thomas Graves unto Sir Captain Smith late treasurer of the Company of Virginia. To have and to hold the said two hundred acres of land with all appendances and with due share of all mines and minerals therein conveyed with all rights and privileges of hunting, fishing, fowling and other within the premises and upon the borders of the same to the sole and express use, benefits and behoofs of run. The said Thomas Graves his heirs and assigns forever in as large and ample manner to all intents and purposes as is expressed in the said orders and constitutions or by conveyance may justly be collected out of the same or out of his Majesties letters or Patterns and whereon they are grounded yielding and paying for every fifty acre of land herein by these presents given and granted yearly at the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, with the fee rent of one shilling, provided always that his heirs and assigns do not plant and seat upon the land within the time and course of three years the now next ensuing date hereof , then it shall and may be lawful for every adventurer or planter to make choice of and seat upon the same.

In witness whereof, I, John Pott have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the Colony, the fourteenth day of March, Anno Domini, one thousand six hundred and twenty eight. Issued in the fourth year of the reign of Sovereign Lord King Charles of England and in the seventh year of this plantation.

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