Sweet Potato Biscuits

 1 Cup cooked or caned mashed sweet potatos

 2 Cups of flower, sifted

 1/2 Cup Sugar

 1/2 tea spoon salt. (Salt to taste)

 1/2 Cup Crisco

 2 Table spoons Baking Powder

 1 tea spoon of cinnamon (optional) 

     Pre heat oven to 350 Deg. Mix flower, baking power, salt cinnamon and sugar together is a bowel. Blend in the sweet potato, and Crisco. Mix well, but do not over mix. On a floured board, roll out the doe and using a biscuit cutter of your choice, cut out the biscuits. Bake for 10 to 12 minuets, or until golden brown. Enjoy



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