Index to the Bible Records Transcribed by Jean M. Mihalyka
Index prepared by Estelle Murphy, Northampton County Courthouse

For many years, Jean M. Mihalyka, ghotes' own "Deaness of Genealogy," has been transcribing the family records of births, marriages, deaths, and other significant events recorded in Eastern Shore Family Bibles. Her work approaches filling 20 three-ring binders held at the Northampton County Courthouse. That must be well over 2,000 Family Bible records! The Bible records themselves are planned for future publication by Publishing.

Jean Mihalyka copied out the family records painstakingly and under many different circumstances. Many times people would hear of her work and contact her to tell of their own Bible and to make the pages available for Jean to copy. "What was the most unusual circumstance,?" we asked her one day. "Well," she replied thoughtfully. "There was one lady who was a little resistant. She kept putting me off, but finally one day she said I could come and do my copying. So I arrived and she put the Bible on the kitchen table for me to work with. I started writing, and she stood and watched for a few minutes. Then she spoke. "You're welcome to do this copying, Mrs. Mihalyka. But wouldn't it be easier just to buy your own Bible?"

We are indebted to Jean Mihalyka for her years of work documenting various records on the Eastern Shore—Bible records, tombstone inscriptions, loose papers, and much more. Thank you, Jean, we appreciate you.

The list below shows the name of the owner of the Bible who originally recorded family information in its pages. Each entry refers to the existence of a transcription of the family records in that Bible. The transcriptions themselves, which may contain anywhere from one or two entries to hundreds, are in binders, "Volumes," at the Northampton County Courthouse. Many of these Bible pages are also at the State Library of Virginia and available on their Web site as ".tif" images. Search those records by visiting the State Library of Virginia.


Accomack County Indentures 1786-1796

Vol.17 page 109

Addison, Arthur D.

Vol. l page 32

Addison, Kendall F.

Vol.l0 page l40

Agathoin/Bull Notes and Chart

Vol.16 page 72

Alms House Record (Abstracts Northampton Co)

Vol.l2 page l77

Ames, James S.

Vol. 3 page 33

Ames, John T.

Vol. 6 page l78

Ames, Leonard H.

Vol. 5 page l75

Ames, Samuel W.

Vol. 5 page l86


Vol. 3 page l

Andrews, Rob't B.

Vol. 3 page 37

Arlington, old Church near (Magotha)

Vol.17 page 124


Vol. 6 page l35

Ashby, Wm. Thomas

Vol. 6 page l39

Assawaman (Stockley) Mill

Vol.15 page 188

Ayres, Francis R

Vol. 5 page 77

Badger, Nathaliel

Vol. 6 page ll4

Bagwell, Healy D.

Vol. 4 page ll

Bagwell, Isaiah

Vol.l0 page l60

Bagwell, Isaiah Newton

Vol.l0 page l68

Bagwell, Nannie Drummond

Vol.14 page 99

Bailey, Charlotte

Vol. 9 page 42

Bailey, James Hugh (Bible)

Vol.17 page 161

Ball, James H

Vol. 8 page 72

Ball, Jeanette M.

Vol. l page 83

Baptisms-Hungars Parish Vestry Book

Vol.l2 page l83

Barker, George W.

Vol. 7 page 2l

Barnes, George W.

Vol.13 page 105

Bayly, SAlly

Vol. 7 page l6


Vol. 7 page l58

Beachboard, J. H.

Vol. 3 page 27

Beauman, Sebastian

Vol. 5 page 87

Begoin, Francis

Vol. 4 page l22

Bell, Anthony

Vol. 5 page l05

Bell, Felix

Vol. 7 page 79

Bell, James B.

Vol. 8 page 84

Bell, Moses M.

Vol. 8 page 59

Bell, Moses M.

Vol. 9 page 85

Bell, Seth

Vol. 5 page 30

Bell, Smith

Vol. 2 page l4

Bell, William (Bible)

Vol.15 page 116

Beloat, James Henry (Belote)

Vol. 2 page 96

Belote, Family Bible

Vol.17 page 138

Belote, Laban

Vol. 5 page 27

Belote, Mannie Dalby – Memorial to

Vol.16 page 58

Belote-Gunter Papers

Vol.17 page 131

Beltoes and Gunter – sale of slaves

Vol.17 page 130

Bennett, Charles L.

Vol.l0 paeg l42

Bibbins, Littleton Daniel

Vol.14 page 177


Vol.14 page 175

Bird, John W.

Vol.l0 page 38

Births, Notes of

Vol.16 page 90

Births-Hungars Parish Vestry Book

Vol.l2 page l83

Bleakley, Josiah

Vol. l page 85

Bloxsom, Anderson P.

Vol.l2 page 94

Boggs, (notes)

Vol.l0 page ll7

Boggs, Elizabeth S.

Vol. 7 page l02

Boggs, Emma T.

vol. 9 page ll3

Boggs, Henry J.

Vol. 5 page l72

Boggs, Henry W.

Vol. 9 page 55

Boggs, John R.

Vol. 8 page 49

Boggs, John Riley (Bible)

Vol.16 page 28

Boggs, John

Vol. 7 page ll

Boggs, Levi R.

Vol.l0 page l06

Boggs, Littleton T.

Vol.13 page 1

Boggs, Notation as to name

Vol.17 page 43

Boggs, William – ages of slaves

Vol.16 page 18

Boggs, William (Bible)

Vol.16 page 18

Boggs, William Henry

Vol. 8 page 5

Boggs, William Henry

Vol.l0 page 69


Vol. l page 7l

Bonniwell, Elmer H.

Vol.ll page 9l

Bonniwell, George

Vol.l2 page 53

Bonniwell, J. Thomas

Vol.ll page 65

Bonniwell, James Hite

Vol.l2 page l7l

Bonniwell, James Thomas

Vol.ll page 94

Bonniwell, Joseph Curtis

Vol.ll page 87

Bonniwell, Kate C

Vol.l2 page 60

Bonniwell, Mary White (Bible)

Vol.15 page 179

Bonniwell, Robert W. (Addition)

Vol.ll page 66

Bonniwell, Robert W.

Vol.ll page 73

Bonniwell, Vernon Merrill

Vol.ll page l05


Vol. l page 40

Boole (Bool)

Vol. l page 40

Boole, Clarence E.

Vol. 3 page ll6

Boole, Harvey J.

Vol. 3 page 70

Boole, James David

Vol. 3 page ll8

Bowker/Doughty Autographs

Vol.15 page 171

Bowker/Doughty Letters

vol.15 page 163

Bradford, Frank

Vol. 3 page 47

Bradford, George Washington

Vol. 9 page 46

Bradford, John Edwin

Vol. 9 page l22

Brickhouse, Charles P.

Vol. 8 page 89

Brickhouse, Elam L.

Vol. 7 page l45


Vol.14 page 175

Brockenbrough, Austin, sketch of Cadet

Vol.17 page 8

Brown, W. H.

Vol. 2 page l3

Browne, Peter F. (Bible)

Vol.15 page 12

Budd, Thomas T.

Vol. 9 page l36

Bull, Bagwell

Vol.l0 page l03

Bull, George Edward

Vol. 8 page 46

Bull, James D.

Vol. 7 page 23

Bull, Thomas S.

Vol. 4 page 35

Bull, Thomas Soughtey

Vol. 4 page l20

Bull/Agathoin Notes and Chart

Vol.16 page 72


Vol. l page 42

Bundick, Mary Ann C.

Vol. 5 page l

Burial Plots - Warren Co Miss.

Vol.l0 page l54

Burns, Robert W. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 115


Vol. 2 page 39

Butman, Jonathan & Amy W. (Shatluck)

Vol. 9 page 75

Byrd, William T.

Vol.14 page 104

Callahan, death of Mrs.

Vol.17 page 22

Camden, Hite C.

Vol.ll page 8l

Cape Charles Area Newsclippings

Vol.13 page 110

Carmine, Alfred J

Vol.ll page 64

Carmine, James

Vol. 7 page l5

Carpenter, James Stewart

Vol.l0 page lll

Carpenter, John Custis (Bible)

Vol.15 page 106


Vol.ll page 52

Cary, Nathaniel Robert

Vol. 5 page 55

Causey, Richard A.

Vol. 5 page l37

Causey, Uriah Fooks

Vol.l0 page l

Cessford – letter concerning deserted slaves

Vol.15 page 106

Cessford – Requisitioned by Union General

Vol.15 page 135

Chandler, Cornelious

Vol. 5 page lll

Chandler, John William (Bible)

Vol.16 page 36

Chandler, John William

Vol. 8 page 38

Chandler, Mitchell

Vol. 5 page 58

Chandler, Thomas B.

Vol. 5 page 70

Chandler, Thomas B.

Vol.l0 page l74

Chandler, THomas L.

Vol. 3 page l24

Chandler, William A.

Vol. 8 page 57

Chandler, Wm. Lewis

Vol. 6 page l34

Charnock, Roland C.

Vol. 7 page 87

Cheriton Methodist Church

Vol.l0 page l73

Cherrystone Inlet Life-Station

Vol.13 page 53

Cherrystone Lighthouse

Vol.15 page 158

Chesser, Sewell W.

Vol.l0 page 9l

Christian, (Bible)

Vol.16 page 1


Vol. 7 page l5l

Churn, John

Vol.13 page 47

Clerks of Northampton County Court

Vol.15 page 10


Vol.ll page 52

Cobb, Nathan (notes)

Vol. 3 page l30

Cokesbury Church Memorial Windows

Vol.ll page 57

Colonna, Benja. A.

vol. 6 page 93

Colonna, George Samuel

Vol.l0 page 72

Confederate Electoral Tickets

Vol.14 page 137

Copes, Louemma J

Vol.ll page l

Copes, Thomas

Vol. 3 page 98

Costin, Seth

Vol.l2 page 67

Coulbourne, Alonzo Lee

Vol.l2 page 78

Coulbourne, Thomas F

Vol.l2 page 7l

Covington – Home of Mary Winder Howard

Vol.15 page 149

Crockett, George S. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 23

Cropper, Eliza Washington

Vol. 8 page 3

Cropper, General John

Vol.13 page 12

Cropper, John Henry Custis

Vol. 9 page 84

Cropper, John S.

Vol. 7 page l08

Cropper, Letters & Chart

Vol. 8 page l75


Vol.ll page l40


Vol. 6 page ll0

Crumb, Charles H.

Vol. 4 page l57

Custis- Pitts

Vol. 4 page 96


Vol. 6 page 92

Custis, Catherine

Vol. 2 page 70

Custis, Edward W.

Vol. 2 page 48

Custis, Eleanor Douglas

Vol.13 page 128

Custis, James H.

Vol.14 page 146

Custis, John (Custis-Thompson)

Vol. 9 page l35

Custis, Thomas W.

Vol. 3 page l8

Custis, Thos. & Eliz

Vol. 3 page 46

Custis, William Robinson

Vol. 8 page l6


Vol. 7 page 93

Dalby, Hezekiah

Vol. l page 78

Dalby, John Calvin

Vol.ll page 62

Dalby, Nancy Kerr

Vol.l0 page l58

Dalby, Nathaniel

Vol. 5 page 2l


Vol. 7 page l5l

Davis, Bertram Thomas

Vol. 4 page ll6

Davis, William D.

Vol. 7 page 84

Dawty, John R., Slaves of

Vol.14 page 107

Deaths taken from the Moses T Wilson Bible

Vol.17 page 72

Deaths, Eastern Shore of VA

Vol.15 page 48

Deaths, Notes of

Vol.16 page 82

Decker, Fanny King

Vol. 3 page l4l

Deed, interesting old

Vol.17 page 125

Dennis Notes

Vol.13 page 42


Vol. 8 page 67

Dennis, Edward Haskins

Vol. 4 page 3l

Disharoon, John

Vol. 3 page l06

Dix, A. J.

Vol.l0 page l80

Dixon, Margaret Sarah

Vol. l page 26

Dixon, Margaret Sarah

Vol.l0 page 9

Dixon, William W

Vol.l0 page 8

Dixon, William W.

Vol. l page 27

Doland, John M.

Vol. 3 page l2l

Doland, John

Vol. 2 page l40

Doughty – Read

Vol.14 page 106

Doughty, Andrew S.

Vol. 2 page 69

Doughty, B. U.

Vol. 2 page l32

Doughty, Chas. C.

Vol. 3 page 58

Doughty, E. E.

Vol. 6 page l43

Doughty, James A. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 140

Doughty, James Andrew (Bible)

Vol.15 page 105

Doughty, James P.

Vol. 5 page l35

Doughty, James

Vol. 3 page 60

Doughty, John B.

Vol.ll page 48

Doughty, John

Vol. 4 page ll2

Doughty, Joseph B. (Bible)

Vol.15 page 57

Doughty, Joseph C.

Vol. 4 page ll5

Doughty, Major Robinson

Vol. 4 page 24

Doughty, Mary E.

Vol. 3 page l36

Doughty, Thomas M.

Vol. 4 page l49

Doughty, William – death of

Vol.17 page 7


Vol.ll page 35


Vol. 4 page l30

Douglas, Emily – interview (Growing up on Farm)

Vol.15 page 159

Douglas, Joseph

Vol. 2 page l45

Douglas, Stephen Elbert

Vol. 2 page l48

Downes, Nathaniel G.

Vol. 5 page 80

Downes, Thomas A.

Vol. 2 page 66

Downes, William H.

Vol. 2 page 74

Downing, Arthur W. – records of his slaves

Vol.15 page 141

Downing, Edward T.

Vol. 6 page 54

Downing, Goodridge L.

Vol. 8 page 3l

Downing, J. W. – letters

Vol.17 page 111

Downing, James Wm.

Vol. 3 page l08

Downing, John C.

Vol. 3 page 76

Downing, John E

Vol. 9 page l6l

Downing, John

Vol. 9 page l64

Doxsee, Family Register

Vol. 4 page 8l

Drummond, F. Francis

Vol. 7 page 6l

Drummond, Oswald A (Bible)

Vol.16 page 184

Drummond, Oswald A.

Vol. 5 page 33

Drummond, Robert (Bible)

Vol.17 page 170

Drummond, Robert A. (Bible)

Vol.16 page 65

Duer, Abel C.

Vol. 6 page 90


Vol.ll page l40

Dunton, Benjamin

Vol.l0 page l44

Dunton, Custis M.

Vol. 2 page l27

Dunton, John R.

Vol. 2 page 29

Dunton, Richard T

Vol.l2 page l2l

Dunton, Rickards

Vol. 8 page ll3

Dunton, Thomas R.

Vol. 6 page 9l

Dunton, Thomas R.

Vol.ll page l3l

Dunton, William R.

Vol. 9 page 36

Dunton, William T.

Vol. 2 page ll9

Dunton, William

Vol. 2 page l28


Vol. 2 page 45

East, Fred Elsworth

Vol.ll page l62

East, John W. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 151

Eastern Shore of VA Marriages & Deaths

Vol.15 page 48

Eastern Shore Tidbits

Vol.17 page 11

Ebbighausen, Henry

Vol. 3 page 26

Edwards, Jacob (Bible)

Vol.16 page 167

Edwards, John H.

Vol. 7 page 3l

Eichelberger, William F. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 173

Elliott, Ralph H.

Vol.13 page 120

Elliott, Thomas A., Rev. – his hymn book

Vol.14 page 45

Elliott-Hitchens (notes)

Vol. 2 page l50

Ellis, R. P.

Vol. 2 page 78

Evans, Alonzo W.

Vol. 6 page l37

Ewell, George Hope

Vol. 6 page 38

Ewell, Gilbert

Vol. 6 page 45

Eyre, Littleton

Vol. 5 page l65

Eyre, Severn

Vol. 5 page l65

Eyre, William L.

vol. 5 page l62

Eyre, William

Vol. 5 page l53

Fairview & other Hack Bibles

Vol. 9 page 22

Family Register Samplers

Vol. 9 page 75

Feldmeyer, W. H.

Vol. l page 74

Ferry, John

Vol.14 page 98

Finney, John Thomas

Vol. 9 page 78

Finney, William

Vol. 6 page l52


Vol. 6 page l35

Finney-Thomas notes

Vol. 9 page 72

Fisher, Julia

Vol. 4 page l47

Fisher, Miers W.

Vol. 4 page l07

Fisher, Samuel

Vol. l page 2

Fitchett, Alma

Vol.l2 page ll7

Fitchett, Leonard T.

Vol.13 page 44

Fitchett, Thomas Hallett

Vol. 9 page l44

Fitchett, Thomas

Vol. 6 page 2l

Fitchett-Simkins Bible

Vol.13 page 43

Fletcher, David H.

Vol. 3 page 30

Fletcher, George A. M.

Vol.l0 page 93

Fletcher, Henry

Vol. 8 page 29

Fletcher, Thomas

Vol. 7 page 65

Floyd, John H

Vol. 4 page 5

Floyd, John H.

Vol. 2 page l04

Floyd, John K.

Vol. 2 page l09

Floyd, John K.

Vol. 8 page l39

Floyd, Thomas (Bible)

Vol.17 page 116


Vol. 4 page l24

Fluhart, Emmie M. (Bible)

Vol.15 page 85


Vol. 6 page 86

Francis, Charley Hill (Bible)

Vol.15 page 31

Funerals-Hungars Parish Vestry Book

Vol.l2 page l83

Furlong, Henry

Vol. 5 page l66

Gardner, William (Bible)

Vol.16 page 174

Garrett, Charles

Vol. l page l03

Garrison, Ann J.

Vol. l page 29

Garrison, George S.

Vol. 2 page ll7

Garrison, James R.

Vol. 2 page l8

Gaskins, M. W.

Vol. 6 page l70


Vol. 5 page l69

Gibb, George T.

Vol.l0 page 48

Gladden, William H.

Vol. 3 page l20

Gladson, William

Vol. 2 page 93

Glenn, Duncan

Vol. 8 page l28

Glenn, James Peyton-Bible fragment-Prince Edward Co

Vol.16 page 102


Vol. 2 page 45

Goffigon, John

Vol. 7 page 8l

Goffigon, John

Vol. l page l07

Goffigon, L. E.

Vol. 7 page 8l

Goffigon, Nathaniel

Vol.l0 page 53

Goffigon, Sally L

Vol.l2 page 22

Goffigon, Southey J. – ledger 1855-1868

Vol.16 page 107

Goffigon, William J.

Vol. 2 page 5

Goffigon, Wm. John

Vol. 5 page 9l

Goodson, Tabitha Custis

Vol. 3 page 2l

Gordy, John (Melson)

Vol. 9 page l24

Gordy, John Spicer

Vol.l2 page 12

Grace, hire of Negro woman

Vol.15 page 29

Gray, D. W.

Vol. 6 page 28

Gray, Dennis

Vol.13 page 65


Vol.ll page 35

Griffith, John W.

Vol. 3 page 99

Groton, L. W.

Vol. 9 page l0l

Gunter and Belotes – Sale of Slaves

Vol.17 page 130

Gunter-Belote Papers

Vol.17 page 131

Guy, George B (Bible)

Vol.16 page 164

Guy, Jno W

Vol. 3 page 38

Hack, Bibles, Fairview & other

Vol. 9 page 22

Hack, James Dennis

Vol.ll page 3l

Hack, Peter

Vol. 7 page 37

Hair Booklet", the

Vol.14 page 133

Haley, William Widgeon

Vol. 9 page l47


Vol. 4 page l26

Hall, Thomas J.

Vol. 8 page 43

Hallenbeck, (Notes)

Vol. 4 page l52

Hamilton, Azariah

Vol.l2 page l47

Hamilton, Leonard J

Vol. 4 page l50

Hamilton, T. W.

Vol. 2 page l4l

Hamilton, Zariah

Vol. 8 page 53

Hand, Marge

Vol. 5 page ll0

Hargis, Solomon

Vol. 3 page 23

Harmanson, Lewis J.

Vol. 8 page 98


Vol. l page 55

Harris, Charlie Shield

vol. 6 page l04

Harrison, James E.

Vol.14 page 120

Harrison, William E.

Vol. 6 page l20

Harrison, William E.

Vol.ll page 77

Harrison, William E.

Vol.14 page 152

Hart, Dallas W

Vol.l2 page 45

Hart, Dallas W.

vol. 9 page l73

Harwood, William F.

Vol. l page 84

Hastings, Winder Hearn

Vol. 2 page 3l

Hattan, William P

Vol.ll page lll

Hawkins, Ebenezer

Vol. 4 page 76

Heath, William H. (Bible)

Vol.15 page 151

Henderson, Joseph

Vol.l2 page ll5

Henry, Virginia Mapp

Vol. 9 page l60

Heptosophs, Membership list for the Improved OrderVol.16 page 96

Hickman, Asa T. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 89

Hill, Lloyd W.

Vol. 4 page l4l

Hire of Negro Woman, Grace

Vol.15 page 29

Hitchens-Elliott (notes)

Vol. 2 page l50

Hog Island Families

Vol. l page 56

Holland, Edward

Vol. 3 page l50

Holland, Nathaniel

Vol. 3 page l48

Holland, Nathaniel

Vol. 5 page l80

Hollands Island, Tombstones on

Vol.17 page 5

Holleman, A. S.

Vol. 3 page 5

Holleman, Wilson

Vol. 3 page 6

Holt, Albert G.

Vol. 3 page 20

Holt, George A. (Bible)

Vol.16 page 141

Holt, James S. (Bible)

Vol.16 page 121

Holton – Hampton (probably PA)

Vol.14 page 172

Holt-Saxon Bible

Vol.16 page 153

Hony, James H.

Vol. 3 page lll

Hopkins, Johns Edward

Vol.14 page 52

Hopkins, Wm. H.

Vol. 6 page l30

Horner, George D.

Vol. 2 page 79

Horner, John F

Vol.14 page 96

Hornsby, Frank Smith

Vol. 5 page l34

Howard, Charles (Bible)

Vol.15 page 22

Howard, Mary Winder, home of – Covington

Vol.15 page 149

Hughes, Albert George

Vol. 9 page 79

Hummel, Lewis Ryland

Vol. 3 page ll0

Humphrey, Joshua Lee

Vol.14 page 53

Humphreys, Joshua E.

Vol. 4 page 37

Hungars Parish Vestry Book

Vol.l2 page l83

Hungars Parish, Baptisms l8l6-l8

Vol. 8 page 8

Hunt, Washington

Vol. 2 page l43

Hurst, Susan C.

Vol.l0 page 34

Hurt, Mary Wescott – letter to J. E. Mears

Vol.15 page 54

Impressions from my girlhood days)

Vol.16 page 3

Jackson, Henry Lee

Vol.l0 page ll5

Jacob, Arthur James

Vol.l2 page l07

Jacob, George W.

Vol. 6 page 78

Jacob, Robert

Vol. l page 49

Jacob, Teackle William

Vol. 2 page 49

Jacob, Thomas H.

Vol. 3 page l9

James, Alfred W. (Bible)

Vol.15 page 108

James, Hezekiah P.

Vol. 6 page l57

James, Levin Smith

Vol. 2 page 20

James, William Ira

Vol. 3 page 9

Jarvis, Emily & Geo. T.

Vol. 3 page 53

Jarvis, Jesse N.

Vol. l page l0l

Jarvis, Jesse Nelson (Bible)

Vol.15 page 1

Jarvis, Marguerite Dunton – impressions etc

Vol.16 page 3

Jarvis, William B.

Vol. 2 page 8l

Jarvis, William

Vol. 2 page 25

Jarvis, William

Vol. 2 page l44

Jarvis, William

Vol. 9 page 80

Johnson, Henry clay

Vol. 5 page 48

Johnson, William T.

Vol.ll page 22

Jones, H. E.

Vol. l page 72

Jones, Horace E.

Vol.ll page l37

Jones, Jennie

Vol. 2 page 90

Jones, Robert

Vol. 3 page 85

Joynes, Edward Dunton

Vol. 5 page l43

Joynes, Ernest Rogers

Vol.l0 page l7

Joynes, J. Wm. – Our Garden Boxwoods/Noble Past

Vol.16 page 56

Joynes, John T. R.

Vol. 5 page ll9

Joynes, John

Vol. 3 page l09

Joynes, Robert C., Sr.

Vol. 6 page 88

Joynes, Sallie D.

Vol. 3 page l32

Joynes, Walter Cooper – His reminiscences

Vol.17 page 46

Joynes, Washington L.

Vol. 8 page ll7


Vol.ll page l4


Vol.ll page l28

Kellam, Alice Virginia

Vol. l page 93

Kellam, Chandler

Vol. 5 page l73

Kellam, Family Bible

Vol.15 page 151

Kellam, James Cornelious

Vol. 8 page 80

Kellam, James Henry

Vol. 8 page l0

Kellam, James E.

Vol. 9 page 72

Kellam, Nathaniel

Vol.ll page 58

Kellam, O. T. C.

Vol.ll page 37

Kellam, Roy E.

Vol. 6 page l77

Kellam, Shephard S.

vol. 8 page l08

Kellam, Susan A.

Vol. 6 page l5l

Kellam, Winston, P.

Vol. 6 page l03


Vol. 3 page l

Kelley, Elijah B.

Vol. 9 page l49

Kelley, Robert Lee

Vol. 5 page l30

Kelley, Thomas C.

Vol.13 page 68

Kellum, W. F.

Vol. 6 page l00

Kelly, Thomas C (Bible)

Vol.15 page 77

Kendall, William H.

Vol. 5 page ll7

Kennedy, S. J. to J. L. Mapp

Vol.14 page 181

Ker, George

Vol. 7 page l72

Ker, John Sr

Vol. 7 page l74

Ker, John

Vol. 7 page l76

Ketcham, Hetty

Vol. 4 page 70


Vol. 7 page l48

Killman, Charles West (Bible)

Vol.15 page 9

Killmon, Henry Wise

Vol. 3 page l54

Killmon, Jeff D

Vol.l2 page 85

Killmon, Kittie Webb (Bible)

Vol.17 page 26

King, William F.

Vol.ll page 24

Kings Creek

Vol.17 page 19

Kirwan, Charles E.

Vol. 8 page 2l

Lambertson, Wm. Henry

Vol. 9 page 40

Lattimore, Thomas D.

Vol. 3 page l03

Leatherbury, Alonzo T.

Vol. 2 page l6

Leatherbury, John

Vol.l2 page l08

Leatherbury, William Jacob

Vol.14 page 11

LeCato, James E.

Vol.l0 page 70

LeCato, John M

Vol. 7 page l


Vol.l0 page ll7

Letter, Edwin Goffigon

Vol. 8 page 6

Lewis, Bessie Trevett

Vol.ll page l22

Lewis, Fletcher Martin

Vol.l0 page 20

Lewis, Henry

Vol.l0 page l5l

Lewis, Levin D.

Vol.13 page 95

Lewis, Robert T. (Bible)

Vol.16 page 132

Lewis, William J.

Vol. 3 page ll4

Lighthouses, Cherrystone and Plantation

Vol.15 page 158

Lilliston, Robert William (Bible)

Vol.15 page 94

Lingo, John W.

Vol. 7 page l4l

Lingo, Robert R.

Vol. 7 page l43

Lingo, Shelley J.

Vol. 7 page 3

Lingo, Shelly J.

Vol. 6 page 99

Magotha – old church near

Vol.17 page 124

Manchester, Wm & Abigail (Thompson)

Vol. 9 page 75

Mann, William Abbitt

Vol.ll page 46

Mapp, C. C., Jr., Grocer

Vol.14 page 179

Mapp, George S.

Vol. 8 page l32

Mapp, Howson

Vol. 5 page l5

Mapp, John Robins

Vol.14 page 58

Marian, James A.

Vol. 2 page 92

Marriages, Eastern Shore of VA

Vol.15 page 48

Marriages, Notes of

Vol.16 page 91

Marriages-Hungars Parish Vestry Book

Vol.l2 page l83

Marsh, William C.

Vol.14 page 50

Marshall, Sylvester J.

Vol.13 page 74

Martin, Parks

Vol. 6 page l0l

Martin, William H.

Vol.l0 page l04

Mason, Annie H

Vol.l0 page l3l

Mason, Annie H.

Vol. 2 page 37

Mason, Elizabeth

Vol.l2 page 92

Mason, William E

Vol. 9 page 97


Vol.17 page 102

Mathews, John Thomas

Vol. 3 page 8

Matthews, A. S.

Vol.13 page 77

Matthews, Wm S

Vol.l2 page l05


Vol.ll page l4

McCready, Charles G.

Vol. 6 page l08

McIntosh, George

Vol. 3 page l26

McKown, William

Vol. 4 page 75

Mears, John H.

Vol. 5 page l85

Mears, Lorenzo D.

Vol. 6 page 5l

Mears, Major T.

Vol. 3 page l53

Mears, Richard W.

Vol. 7 page 5

Mears, Thomas

Vol.14 page 48

Mears, William T.

Vol. 4 page 9l

Melson, Thomas W

Vol.ll page l68

Membership List for the Improved Order Heptosophs

Vol.16 page 96

Merrill, Levi

Vol. 7 page lll

Merritt, A. I.

Vol. l page 76

Merritt, Charles Newton (Baltimore MD)

Vol.13 page 133


Vol. 4 page l30


Vol. 6 page 86

Miller, William E.

Vol. 3 page l4

Mister, William C.

Vol. l page 95


Vol. l page 69

Mobray, Ann E.


Vol. 2 page l47


Vol. l page 48

Moore, Alex M.

Vol. 3 page l46

Moore, Elizabeth – letters

Vol.17 page 66

Moore, Timothy & Sarah (Vickery)

Vol. 9 page 75

Moore, Wm

Vol.l2 page 92

Mott, Harry Edward

Vol. 6 page l26

Mowbray, Ann E. (Mobray)

Vol. 2 page l47

Neely, John

Vol. 7 page l56

Nelson, Southey (notes)

Vol. 2 page l35

Nelson, Southey

Vol.ll page 43

Newspaper Items

Vol.l0 page 35


Vol. 7 page l5l

Nock, Edward T.

Vol. 4 page ll8

Norstrom, John

Vol.ll page l00

Northam Family Lineage Notes

Vol.14 page 170

Northam Family, The

Vol.14 page 167

Northam, David B.

Vol. 7 page l3

Northam, James C.

Vol. 7 page 23

Northampton County Legislation, Abstracts 1776-1862

Vol.17 page 31


Vol.ll page l53

Nottingham, Annie E.

Vol. 2 page l

Nottingham, Arthur McK.

Vol. 3 page l2

Nottingham, Charles D.

Vol. 2 page 35

Nottingham, T. J. L. L.

Vol.l2 page l37

Nottingham, Edward F.

Vol. 2 page 2

Nottingham, Edward W.

Vol. l page l

Nottingham, Francis O.

Vol. 6 page l28

Nottingham, Frederick E.

Vol. l page l05

Nottingham, Henry I.

Vol.14 page 101

Nottingham, Herbert Jacob

Vol. 3 page l00

Nottingham, Jacob E.

Vol. l page l5

Nottingham, Jacob T.

Vol. 3 page 96

Nottingham, John E.

Vol. l page 4

Nottingham, Leonard B.

Vol. 2 page 86

Nottingham, Leonard J. (notes)

Vol. l page 33

Nottingham, Leonard J.

Vol.14 page 1

Nottingham, Levin W. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 16

Nottingham, Levin W.

Vol. 2 page 7

Nottingham, Luther

Vol. 6 page l6

Nottingham, Luther

Vol. l page 7

Nottingham, Mary Ann

Vol. l page l7

Nottingham, Robert V

Vol. 8 page 70

Nottingham, Robert Virgil

Vol. 2 page 27

Nottingham, Severn Parker

Vol. 2 page 72

Nottingham, Smith

Vol. l page l8

Nottingham, Smith

Vol.l0 page l23

Nottingham, Stratton – notes

Vol.16 page 48

Nottingham, Thomas J. L. L.

Vol. l page l9

Nottingham, W. J.

Vol. 4 page 68

Nottingham, William Evans

Vol. 2 page 8

Nottingham, William Evans

Vol. 9 page l02

Nottingham, William J.

Vol. 7 page 63

Nottingham, William T.

Vol. l page 3

Nottingham, Wm. J.

Vol. 3 page l22

Nunnery, F. A. (also Edgemoor, S.C.)

Vol.14 page 140

Old Church Near Arlington (Magotha)

Vol.17 page 124

Old Taylor Graves

Vol.17 page 100

Oldham, Edward S

Vol.l2 page l

Oldham, Leroy (ages of his slaves

Vol.15 page 73

Oldham, Leroy (Bible)

Vol.15 page 72

Oldham, Leroy

Vol. 6 page 82

Oldham, Montcalm (Bible)

Vol.15 page 65

Oldham, Montcalm, Jr.

Vol. 6 page 80

Our Garden Boxwoods Have a Noble Past

Vol.16 page 56

Outen, Isaac

Vol. 2 page 97

Outten, Isaac

Vol. 6 page l56

Outten, James

Vol. 9 page 93

Outten, Lloyd A. Sr

Vol. 9 page 99

Parker, Benjamin W.

Vol. 8 page 26

Parker, George

Vol. 5 page l67

Parker, George

Vol.l0 page l2l

Parker, Henry

Vol.l0 page 96

Parker, Jacob – division of his dower slaves

Vol.15 page 50

Parker, Jacob G.

Vol.l0 page 8l

Parker, Joseph A. (Bible)

Vol.17 page 56

Parker, Joseph A.

Vol. 3 page 78

Parker, Joseph C.

Vol. 3 page 90

Parker, Joseph Crockett (Bible)

Vol.17 page 91

Parker, Maria T.

Vol. 5 page l55

Parker, Myrtle S

Vol.l2 page l29

Parker, Richard (additional data see Vol 12:32)

Vol.14 page 113

Parker, Richard

Vol.l2 page 32

Parker, Robert Lee (Bible)

Vol.17 page 3

Parker, William (Bible)

Vol.16 page 51

Parker,Juliet J.

Vol. 2 page 4l


Vol.17 page 102


Vol. 4 page l26

Parkes, James D.

Vol.14 page 161

Parramore, George F.

Vol. 7 page 68

Parsons, Jno. C

Vol. l page 44

Parsons, Julius F.

Vol. l page 46

Pearson, (Lot Burials)

Vol. 5 page 45

Pearson, Wm. Henry

Vol. 5 page l08

Peed, Wm. Jas. F.

Vol. 3 page 48

Phillips, Albert F.

Vol. 8 page 25

Phillips, Charles (Bible)

Vol.17 page 2

Phillips, George

Vol. 3 page 8l

Phillips, Henry O

Vol. 3 page 88


Vol. 4 page l24

Phllips, Benjamin (Bible)

Vol.17 page 1

Physician's Account Book (remnant)

Vol. 4 page 49

Pitts, Robert

Vol. 7 page 66

Pitts, Thomas C.

Vol. 8 page 96


Vol. 4 page 96


Vol. 7 page 93

Plantation Lighthouse

Vol.15 page 158

Pocahontas burns

Vol.17 page 100

Post Family

Vol. 3 page 35

Potter, J. R.

Vol. l page 59

Poulson, Bernard R

Vol.13 page 23

Pruitt, William H.

Vol.13 page 114

Rayfield, Author John

vol. 9 page l45

Rayfield, Edward

Vol.l2 page 37

Rayfield, Severn

Vol. 6 page 3


Vol. l page 30

Read, Luther H

Vol.l2 page l62

Read, Luther H.

Vol. l page 99

Read, Richard H

Vol.l2 page l55

Reid, E. B.

Vol. 2 page 40

Reid, Demetrius P

Vol.l0 page 2l

Revolutionary and Confederate Pensioners

Vol.17 page 13

Richardson, Mary A.

Vol. 2 page 55

Richardson, Mary Martha Mears

Vol. 4 page 94


Vol. 5 page 83

Riggin, Henry S.

Vol. 9 page 70


Vol. l page 39

Rippon, William Lee

Vol. 2 page 75

Risley, Henry H.

Vol. 6 page l0

Rison, Peter

Vol. 4 page 2l


Vol. l page 37

Roberts, Arthur M.

Vol. 8 page l06

Roberts, Augustus

Vol. 2 page l0

Roberts, Edmund

Vol. 3 page 50

Roberts, Maggie E.

Vol. 8 page l00

Robertson, William

Vol.l0 pag 44

Robins, Arthur

Vol. 9 page l

Robins, Arthur

Vol.l0 page 55

Robins, Isaac D

Vol. 4 page l

Rockwood, Mary H.

Vol. 2 page 54

Rodgers, William Francis

Vol. 9 page 95


Vol. 8 page 44

Rogers, Spencer F.

Vol. 7 page l9

Rolley, Charles W.

Vol. 8 page 62

Rolley, George Albert

Vol. 3 page 3l

Rolley, Lula Hanby – Book of Devotions

Vol.16 page 74

Rolly, Francis C.

Vol. 6 page 26

Rooks, Oliver L

Vol. 4 page 57

Rue, William J.

Vol. 6 page l03

Rusco, Family Notes

Vol. 4 page 84

Sampler, (Data)

Vol. 5 page 68

Sampler, Elizabeth B. Burron

Vol.l0 page l52

Sampler, Mary E. Whitman

Vol. 4 page 90

Sanders, James (Saunders)

Vol. l page lll

Sanderson, John W.

Vol. l page 87

Saunders, James (Sanders)

Vol. l page lll

Savage, Ellie B.

Vol. l page 68

Savage, Henry

Vol.ll page ll

Savage, John Sr

Vol.l2 page 97

Savage, Severn

Vol.l2 page 46

Savage, Thomas Littleton

Vol. 9 page ll

Savage, Wm

Vol.12 page 110


Vol.ll page l40


Vol. 6 page ll0

Saxon-Holt Bible

Vol.16 page 153

Scarborough, Thomas

Vol. 2 page 42

Scarburgh, Americus, III (Bible)

Vol.17 page 149

Scott, Alfred T.

Vol. 8 page 25

Scott, Benjamin T.

Vol. 4 page l02

Scott, Clinton

Vol. 2 page 84

Scott, Edward Custis

Vol. 4 page 52

Scott, John A.

Vol.l0 page 36

Scott, John T.

Vol. 4 page 62

Scott, John Wesley

Vol.14 page 126

Scott, William Fox

Vol. 9 page l57

Seaton, George & Sallie

Vol.14 page 174


Vol.14 page 175

Selby, Zadock

Vol. 7 page l33

Simkins, John A

Vol.l2 page 43

Simkins, William, Sr. – his Negroes’ Age

Vol.14 page 41

Skirven, William

Vol. 2 page 47

Slave Births

Vol.15 page 102

Slaves of John R. Dawty

Vol.14 page 107

Slaves, Ages of William Boggs slaves

Vol.16 page 18

Slaves, of Edward Taylor

Vol. 2 page l2

Slaves, of Thos. Teackle Taylor

Vol. 2 page l2

Small, Mattie Downing

Vol. 8 page 32

Smith, Annie N.

Vol. l page 58

Smith, Duncan T.

Vol.14 page 157

Smith, Edgar K. (Death)

Vol.15 page 189

Smith, Edward J.

Vol. 3 page l39

Smith, Ezekiel Y (Bible)

Vol.16 page 9

Smith, Ezekiel Y

Vol. 8 page 37

Smith, Isaac

Vol. 2 page ll0

Smith, Isaac

Vol. 8 page l42

Smith, Isaac

Vol. 8 page ll9

Smith, James H.

Vol. 2 page l24

Smith, John W.

Vol. 2 page l34

Smith, John

Vol. 7 page 89


Vol.17 page 102

Snead and West Bible Records

Vol.17 page 134

Snyder, John Robert

Vol. 8 page l2

Snyder, Robert F.

Vol. 7 page 86

Snyder, Robert F.

Vol. 9 page 86

Somers, A. T.

Vol. 5 page 93


Vol. l page 24

Spady, Southey

Vol. 2 page 95

Spady, Thomas William (notes)

Vol. 2 page 85

Spaight, W. O. (also Chowan Co., NC)

Vol.13 page 75

St. George Parish Vestry Letter

Vol.15 page 131

Stetson, Micah & Sarah

Vol. 9 page 75

Stevens, John T

Vol. 4 page l38

Stevenson, Thomas Edward

Vol. 9 page 48

Stewart, Claude B.

Vol.ll page 8

Stiles, Jacob

Vol. 2 page 77

Stoakley, Sarah Ann

Vol. 7 page 43


Vol. l page 22

Stowers-Waddle Memorial

Vol.l0 page l22

Stratton, Maria (Bible)

Vol.16 page 93


Vol. 6 page ll0


Vol.ll page l40

Students, Wm & Mary College-Eastern Shore

Vol. 7 page l83

Sturges, Charles C.

Vol. 6 page ll8

Sturgis, James Crawley

Vol. 4 page 30

Sturgis, Thomas

Vol. 8 page 93

Summers, Horsey

Vol. 3 page 66

Summers, Horsey

Vol.l0 page 62

Tapman, William E.

Vol.ll page l6

Taylor, Anne C

Vol.l2 page lll

Taylor, Calvin

Vol. 6 page 34

Taylor, Edward/Slaves of

Vol. 2 page l2

Taylor, James Henry (Bible)

Vol.15 page 83

Taylor, Richard (Claim Card)

Vol. 3 page 25

Taylor, Robert S.

Vol. 6 page 33

Taylor, Thomas Teackle

Vol. 5 page 8

Taylor, Thomas Teackle

Vol.l2 page 2

Taylor, Thos. Teackle/slaves of

Vol. 2 page l2

Taylor, William H.

Vol.l0 page 28

Taylor, William McKendree

Vol.14 page 31

Taylor, Wm. Eyre

Vol. 5 page l58

Tazewell (notes)

Vol. l page 28

Thomas, Col. G. L. J.

Vol. 6 page 83

Thomas, John B.

Vol. 4 page 4l

Thomas, Joshua (Bible Fragment)

Vol.16 page 182

Thomas, Richard (Bible)

Vol.16 page 61

Thomas, William N

Vol. 8 page 35

Thomas, William

Vol. 6 page 5

Thomas, William

Vol. l page 35

Thomas-Finney notes

Vol. 9 page 72

Thurston, Azariah

Vol. 6 page l2l

Tidbits about the Eastern Shore

Vol.17 page 11

Tilghman, Wm. B. H.

Vol. 4 page l43

To L. B. Nottingham

Vol.13 page 27

Tombs in Savages Neck

Vol.17 page 123

Tombstones at 'Vale of Shiraz'

Vol.l0 page 20

Tombstones on Hollands Island

Vol.17 page 5

Torpel, Hatzel & Eliza


Vol. 9 page 75

Treherne, Littleton U.

Vol. 3 page 67

Trevett, Thomas

Vol.ll page l20

Trower, Robert Smith

Vol. 6 page 58

Tunnell, Millie, death of

Vol.17 page 128

Turner, Edward R.

Vol.ll page 60

Turner, Teackle J.

Vol.l0 page ll8

Tyler, Severn Benjamin

Vol. 4 page l37

Tyson, John

Vol. 9 page 90


Vol.ll page l4

Underhill, Edward W.

Vol.ll page 40

Upshur (notes)

Vol. l page 96

Upshur, G. P.

Vol.l0 page 80

Upshur, George L.

Vol.l0 page 75

Upshur, Henry L.

Vol. l page 97

Upshur, John

Vol. 8 page l74

Upshur, Margaret Wilson Bell (Bible)

Vol.15 page 161

Upshur, Thomas Teackle Sr

Vol. 8 page l66

Upshur, Thomas Teackle

Vol. 8 page l5l

Volunteer Enlistments of Slaves belonging

Vol.13 page 27

Waddey, John Sr

Vol. 9 page l4

Waddey, William E.

Vol. l page 62

Waddle-Stowers Memorial

Vol.l0 page l22

Waddy, John Sr

Vol. 7 page l79

Walker, Jennie

Vol. 9 page l09

Wallace, George Wm.

Vol. 6 page l49

Walston, Sallie P. – her burial instructions

Vol.15 page 21

Walston, Samuel

Vol.l0 page 73

Walters, Alfred Wesley

Vol.l0 page l49

Ward, Clarence William

Vol.ll page 38

Ward, James H.

Vol. 3 page 73

Ward, James H.

Vol. 7 page 5l

Ward, James

Vol. 2 page 89

Ward, John J.

Vol. 2 page l05

Ward, William B.

Vol. 8 page l4

Ward, William

Vol. 5 page 98


Vol. l page 45


Vol. 2 page l2l

Watkinson – Rayfield

Vol.14 page 183


Vol. 6 page ll7

Watson, James R

Vol. 5 page 32

Watson, Wilkes

Vol. 6 page l4

Watson, William C.

Vol. 2 page l30

Webb, (Bible)

Vol.15 page 89

Webb, Dinah – petition for freedom

Vol.15 page 128

Webb, E. T.

Vol.l0 page 88

Webb, George Thomas (Bible)

Vol.15 page 91

Webb, John J.

Vol. 3 page ll2

Webb, Purnell (Bible)

Vol.15 page 86

Webb, Thomas E.

Vol. 6 page l32

Webb, William H.

Vol. 3 page ll3


Vol. l page 89

Webster, Edwin B.

Vol.l0 page l53

Welsh, John

Vol. 2 page 38

Wescott, Joshua Pitts

Vol.l0 page 66

Wescott, Major Joseph

Vol. 3 page l52

Wescott, T. T.

Vol. 2 page l3l

Wessells, Ephraim

Vol. 8 page 4l

Wessels, Littleton C.

Vol. 6 page 3l

West and Snead Bible Records

Vol.17 page 134

West, Catherine

Vol. 7 page 40

West, William Jesse (Bible)

Vol.17 page 102

West, Willie (Bible)

Vol.17 page 104

White, Henry L. (Bible)

Vol.15 page 139

White, John B.

Vol. 2 page 4

White, John

Vol. 2 page l

White, Lucy Warren

Vol.ll page l24

Whitehead, Severn

Vol. 2 page l39

Whitehead, Thomas H.

Vol. 2 page l08

Whitehead, William S

Vol. 4 page 60

Wickham, Thomas

Vol. 4 page l3l

Widgen, Joseph

Vol. 4 page l0

Widgeon, William S.

Vol. 7 page 7

Wilkins – Downs

Vol.14 page 88


Vol. l page 8l

Wilkins, Essie L.

Vol.ll page 20

Wilkins, George F. (Bible)

Vol.16 page 105

Wilkins, James

Vol. 4 page 45

Wilkins, John Benjamin

Vol. 8 page l26

Wilkins, John C

Vol.l2 page l07

Wilkins, John S Sr

Vol.l2 page l69

Wilkins, Mary Elysabeth Turner – from Diary of

Vol.16 page 118

Wilkins, Mrs. John T., Jr.,-from diary of

Vol.16 page 118

Wilkins, Severn

Vol. l page 43

Wilkins, Thomas Major

Vol. l page l00

Wilkins, Walter T.

Vol. 2 page 63

Wilkins, William E.

Vol. 2 page 60

Wilkins, William J.

Vol. 4 page 74

Wilkins, William Sr

Vol.l0 page 49

Wilkins, William T.

Vol. 5 page l02

Wilkins, Wm. E.

vol.ll page 6


Vol. 7 page l25

William & Mary College-Eastern Shore Students

Vol. 7 page l83

Williams, Ann, Children of

Vol.17 page 130

Williams, Cyrus W.

Vol.13 page 2

Williams, Dewey Hobson

Vol. 7 page 59

Williams, Edward James

Vol. 3 page 92

Williams, John Q.

Vol. 8 page l

Williams, Lloyd W.

Vol. 2 page 98

Williams, William N.

Vol. 2 page 57

Willis Sr., Curtis

Vol. 2 page l25


Vol. l page 34

Willis, J. L.

Vol. l page 90

Willis, James

Vol. 3 page l34

Willis, Joice E.

Vol. 8 page 64

Wilson, James H.*

Vol. 2 page l22

Wilson, M. T. – Computerized List of Deaths

Vol.13 page 148

Wilson, Moses T. – deaths from Bible

Vol.17 page 72

Wilson, Moses Thomas Bible Abstracts

Vol.13 page 137

Wilson, Moses Thomas

Vol. 4 page l34

Wilson, Wm. Washington

Vol. 5 page ll3

Winder, Eva M. – Guardianship of

Vol.16 page 96


Vol. 7 page l58

Windsor, Charlie H.

Vol. 8 page l23


Vol. 3 page l6

Wise, Ann K.

Vol. l page 52

Wise, J. B. (Ledger)

Vol.13 page 79

Wise, John James

Vol. 6 page 32


Vol. 7 page 93

Wood, William

Vol. l page 86

Woodford Farm house

Vol.17 page 44

Workman, Phillip L.

Vol.14 page 26

Wright, Charles Lee

Vol. 6 page l06

Wright, John William

Vol. 3 page l44

Wright, John

Vol. 3 page l43

Wright, Wm. Thomas

Vol. 6 page l

Wyatt, Cemetery Plot

Vol. 9 page l55

Wyatt, Isma G.

Vol. 9 page l55

Yeardley burned

Vol.17 page 21

Young, Edward Thomas

Vol. 3 page 25

Young, George T.

Vol. 6 page 35

Zimmerman, J. E. (Maryland family)

Vol. 2 page 76


Vol. l page 54

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